5D4N Mount Bromo & Borobudur

Embark on this exciting retreat to experience one of Indonesia’s most beautiful natural gem – Mount Bromo, and its most famous cultural and historical icon – Borobudur. Hop on a 4WD to catch the rising sun casting its first rays over the surreal landscape of Tengger Caldera. The fuming Mount Bromo rising from the flat volcanic sand bed of the gigantic caldera will be a sight to behold. The top of Mount Bromo can be reached via 253 concrete steps making it one of the most accessible active volcanos in the world. Continue your trip on a comfortable train ride to Yogyakarta, the cultural centre of Java, to visit the UNESCO Heritage Sites of Borobudur and Prambanan where you can immerse in the rich cultural heritage of Java.


Day 01


Fly direct from Singapore Changi Airport to Juanda International Airport. Upon arrival, you will be picked up by our local representative to your lodge in Cemoro Lawang (4-5 hrs drive).

Overnight: Lodge in Cemoro Lawang


Day 02


Wake up at around 330am. A 4WD will drive you to the neighboring peak of Gunung Penanjakan (2770m) at the edge of the Tengger crater rim for sunrise over the Bromo landscape – a 10km wide caldera formed from the collapsed remnants of an ancient volcano. Rising from the flat volcanic sand bed of the caldera is the dormant core of Mount Batok (2440m) and the active volcano of Mount Bromo (2329m). Further south beyond the crater wall lies mighty Gunung Semeru (3676m) – the highest and most active volcano in Java. After sunrise, the 4WD will drive you over the Laotian Pasir (Sand Sea) to Poten – a Tenggerese Hindu temple beside Mount Bromo. From Poten, it is a 3km hike or pony ride to the base of Mount Bromo. You will then ascend a steep flight of 253 steps to the crater edge of Mount Bromo. Take a peep into the steaming crater where offerings of chickens, rice and money are still thrown into by Tengger Hindus to express their gratitude to the Gods. Return back to hotel for shower before transferring to the Surabaya train station to catch the train for Yogyakarta (5-6 hrs train ride). Upon arrival in Yogyakarta, you will be picked up by private vehicle to your hotel.

Overnight: Hotel in Yogyakarta


Day 03                       


Enjoy a leisurely one-hour drive through scenic villages and padi fields to Borobudur – the biggest Buddhist monument in the world. From a bird’s eye view, Borobudur which sits on a square base with four entry points supporting a hemispheric body and a crowning spire forms a mandala, a geometric aid for meditation. The structure in the form of a stepped pyramid consists of 10 levels – six rectangular storeys, three circular terraces and a central stupa forming the summit – which represents the ten levels of a Bodhisattva’s life which he or she must develop to become a Buddha or the awakened one. The rectangular storeys contain galleries of carved stone reliefs depicting moralistic fables and Buddha’s life from the Jataka tales. The top level terraces contain circles of mini stupas of Buddha statues in various mudras (meditative hand gestures) facing outward from the temple. You will follow the traditional pilgrimage route entering the monument from the east and circumambulating each level clockwise to appreciate how the reliefs, carvings and statues contributes to the whole. Travel a few kilometers to visit the two smaller temples of Pawon and Mendut which together with Borobudur form a straight line corridor. In the afternoon, you will visit the two centuries old Sultan’s Palace (Kraton) where the current Yogyakarta sultan and his family still reside. The Javanese dominated style complex consists of the sultan residence, throne hall, performance pavilions, mosque, museums and an immense royal garden. Catch the regularly performed Gamelan music and classical Javanese dances and look out for the bare footed palace guards in their traditional customs and Keris. Visit the Water Palace (Taman Sari) a partly ruined complex built as a pleasure garden by the first Sultan and be marveled by its large artificial lake, bathing pools, labyrinth network of tunnels and chambers and an imposing mansion of European design. Visit Parangtritis beach, a wide stretch of black volcanic sandy beach with big surfing waves backed by dramatic jagged cliffs. You may ride on horse drawn carriage or try out ATV (All-terrain vehicle) along the beach while waiting for sunset over the Indian Ocean. At night, visit the shopping district of Jalan Maliboro for souvenirs, handicrafts and street foods

Overnight: Hotel in Yogyakarta


Day 04


Explore Kaliadem (1,100m above sea level) in 4WD which is located only 5km from the peak of Mount Merapi for a close up view of the volcano. The recent 2010 eruptions had completely transformed Kaliadem‘s landscape from lush greenery to a barren treeless wilderness and covered it with layers of grey volcanic sands and rocks. The highlights include a small Pompeii-liked museum with display of burnt artifacts and an underground bunker for emergency shelter during eruption. In the afternoon, you will visit Prambanan, a Hindu temple complex and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, built around AD 856 to commemorate a major battle victory. The complex which is situated inside a large, pleasant and visitor friendly park consists of 224 temples (many are in ruined state); the most important of which are the three restored temples Candi Siva, Candi Brahma and Candi Vishnu, each dedicated to the three principal Hindu gods of trimurti. An open-air theatre inside the park has majesty ballet performance of the great Hindu epic Ramayana on full moon nights between May and October.

Overnight: Hotel in Yogyakarta


Day 05                       


After enjoying your breakfast in your hotel, you will be transferred to Adisucipto International Airport for your flight home.

Package includes:

  • All local land transfers including airport transfers
  • All accommodations
  • All hotel breakfasts
  • English speaking guide
  • Entrance fees of all attractions stated in above program including Mount Bromo National Park Permit
  • 4WD for Mount Bromo and Kaliadem tours
  • Train ticket for Surabaya to Yogyakarta

Package excludes:

  • Return international air tickets*
  • Travel insurance*
  • Indonesian VISA (ASEAN citizens are VISA-free up to 30 days)
  • All meals not indicated
  • Horse riding in Mount Bromo
  • Tips for guides
  • All expenses of a personal nature

*International fights and AIG Travel Guard Insurance can be arranged on your behalf.


Need more information on Mount Bromo and Borodudur? Read through our Mt Bromo frequently asked questions (FAQ) and Borobudur FAQ to get them answered!


We can also customise an itinerary to suit your interest.  Other itineraries for your consideration are as follow:

Activities such as Whitewater rafting at Pekalen River (near Bromo) can also be arranged.


Guide & driver are good and never late once.We told them about a lapis shop and they remembered and brought us there.The feeling of having a honest guide/driver is good.We wanted to treat them meals along the way and they only accepted after few insistent requests from us.

– Diana (Group of 3 on a 4D3N Ijen Crater, Mount Bromo & Surabaya in Apr 2017)

Everything about my trip was really Amazing!! Even though we found out on the first day when we reached Surabaya that we are not able to hike to the crater edge of Mount Bromo due to its active period. Our Guide bring us around the village and the city and introduce us to their culture. it was fun. and Not to forget our tour guide, Ms Enggar, which was the same age as me, is very friendly and knowledgeable. It was very easy to communicate with her. The scenery, the food, everything was awesome! It was our first time travelling with iwannatravel and travelling to indonesia and i must say my trip was wonderful and beyond expectation. I would love to go more trip with iwannatraavel again and would recoommend my friends! Thank You So Much!!

– Atiqah (Group of 2 on a 4D3N Mount Bromo, Malang & Surabaya in Oct 2016)

Guide and driver were very nice people. Caring, considerate, conscientious, patient, nice and fun people. Car was driven with care so that we were comfortable and did not feel car sick during the long rides. I enjoyed the trips to ijen, bromo and the waterfall at batu. Views were very scenic. Our guide Vinda and the local guides which she got along the way brought us to scenic spots (esp @ the waterfalls) and helped to take great pictures.

– Alexia (Group of 3 on a 5D4N Ijen Crater, Mount Bromo & Batu in Sep 2016)

Everything was great! From planning til the end of the trip, everything was organised. The activities were fun and itinerary was well planned. We did not feel that we were rushed at all and we get to enjoy Borobudur and Mount Bromo in our own pace. Our guide, Bayu, was very friendly and helped us a lot especially when it comes to ordering food :). This is the most relaxing, hassle-free trip I've ever had! Thanks Iwannatravel 🙂

– Sunshine (Group of 7 on a 4D3N trip to Bromo & Borobudur in Aug 2016)

We loved how the activities were planned out. There weren't many dull moments where we did nothing. 100% of the time was used either moving to the next destination or doing the activities itself.

Transportation itself was cozy as the vehicle provided was spacious, more than enough for the 4 of us.

Our guide, Bayu, was extremely helpful and accomodating to us. Giving us alot of information about the places were going to. He was also the same age as us, which made it easier for us to interact with him.

Food was great! We really enjoyed eating at the places we stopped by and we liked that alot of things were already pre-arranged.

Activities were absolutely incredible. We managed to accomplish so much in such a short span of time. We were happy as we came home regretting nothing, having been tried them all.

Thumbs up for accomodation as the hotels we stayed in were very comfortable, and gave us a quality rest. No dissatisfaction at all there.

– Fauzi (Group of 4 on a 5D4N trip to Ijen, Bromo & Batu in Jul 2016)

The guide was five-star. Know the place very well and very helpful. Same goes to the driver. The activities were all great. Balanced between the physical and extreme to the relax and spiritual.

– Iqbal (Group of 4 on a 5D4N trip to Ijen, Bromo & Batu in Jul 2016)

Everything during my travel experience for the 4D3N Mount Bromo and Ijen trip was positive. Organisation was prompt and both the IWT planner (HS) and also the local guide (Enggar) were timely in response for all requests and activities. They were also patient with questions and provided practical suggestions which took into account unforeseen circumstances. As it rained on the day before the Sempu Island hike, Enggar and the driver Ridodo were able to contact the locals to have an update on the situation. They told us the truth that the Sempu Island hike will be pressed for time due to the mud from the rain and offered alternative such as beach visiting instead which I appreciate and it was fun too!

Pauline and I were eager to try local food and we showed a list to Enggar. She managed to fit into our itinerary such that we could try all the local food on the list. Our activities were well planned in that Enggar handled the negotiation with the local guides on prices and schedule, all we had to do was follow her and enjoy the activity. It was nice to see that she had a good rapport with the locals and that made us feel at ease.

All accommodations during the trip were within our comfort and given the rural locations, it was actually beyond expectations. Enggar and our driver Ridodo even made the extra effort to check our rooms each time to make sure that the utitilies were working before they handed us the room keys.

We enjoyed the fantastic views at Bromo and Ijen during this trip but it was made worthwhile because of our local guide and driver who were responsible and had a sense of humour when things went otherwise.

– Tina and Pauline (Group of 2 on a 4D3N trip to Bromo & Ijen in Jul 2016)

We are extremely pleased and satisfied with IWT's tour package to Mount Bromo & Ijen Crater for 4d3n. From the very beginning, Bob has been very prompt in answering our queries and meticulous in ensuring we are prepared for the trip. We were also assigned an excellent tour guide, Mr. Bayu, and his driver, Mr. Bondan, who were extremely friendly and patient throughout the trip. Our accommodations were excellent and we thoroughly enjoyed our trip to East Java. We highly recommend IWT for your holidays plans and we would definitely approach IWT for our future holidays plans.

– Vishal (Group of 2 on a 4D3N trip to Bromo & Ijen in Jun 2016)

This 4D3N trip we took with IWT was one of our best we had. It was a memorable experience! Very well organised right from the start with prompt correspondences and good advice from HS (IWT). Our guide Mr Bayu and driver Mr Julie were great hosts! Our trip was very smooth and we always arrived at destinations before schedule (allowing us more time for R&R before the next activity). It was good planning by the both of them.

We had a memorable experience visiting Madakaripura Waterfall where we pillion on a motorbike to the start of the trek (it was fun as we went through hills!), the waterfall was also majestic and the cold water was very refreshing. It was very safe in the falls as both of us were guided by Mr Bayu and a local guide.

The view at King Kong lookout (recommended by Mr Bayu) to watch Mount Bromo sunrise was stunning, we had many good shots of the view. It was a nice 3km walk to get near to the crater (Mr Bayu advice us not to head up to the crater as the sulphur smoke was rather strong that day, we hiked up but stayed a safe distance from it). The trek to Ijen Crater to see the blue flames and to admire the turquoise lake was the highlight of our trip. Very memorable! The trek was a good exercise. Our local guide, Mr Hartumo (a sulphur miner for 14 years) was very experienced and took great care of us (our safety down the crater in the dark). He brought us to many vantage points for a closer/better experience of the natural wonder and helped us to take many nice photos for remembrance.

Stop-over restaurant food during our trip recommended by Mr Bayu and Mr Julie was also good and affordable.

Our stay at Artotel (Surabaya), Jiwa Jiwa (Bromo) and Ijen View (Ijen) recommended by HS were very comfortable - nice rooms, well equipped, nice surroundings and they served good food. We also tried the room massages at Jiwa Jiwa and Ijen View. It was an experience. Value for money (average SGD$12.50 for 1pax/hr) and good for tired muscles.

We ended our trip with Mr Bayu and Mr Julie at Ketapang port where we took a ferry to Bali. Both of them expressed concern about our transit journey as it was our first time. They assisted to make arrangements for us (went the extra mile) - saw a public bus going to Denpasar at the port and checked if we could go along with them so that we didn't have to worry about our luggages (stored in bus).

In addition to their service and care, both Mr Bayu and HS contacted us to check if we have arrived at our Bali hotel safely.

IWT, Mr Bayu, Mr Julie and the local guides, many thanks for making this trip a great experience and a memorable one!

– Esther & Gabriel (Group of 2 on a 4D3N trip to Bromo & Ijen in Jun 2016)

HS helped us plan and book the complete tour. He was not pushy and very accommodating. We finalised something we wanted and did not have to adjust or compromise on anything. We started by IWT itinerary but was tailor made as per our requirement by the end. The hotels where picked by us too. It was just perfect! After arriving to our destination everything was perfect, punctual and as planned. Hotels were good, the car was clean and good. Our guide Ms. Enggar was amazing, kind and accommodating. Our drivers were kind as well. They treated us like kings and queens. Overall it was just very relaxing and everything being organised for us was very helpful. We got all information by local guide too.

– Kedar (Group of 2 on a 5D4N trip to Bromo & Yogyakarta in Feb 2016)

The 4d3n trip to Ijen Crater and Mount Bromo was awesome! I enjoyed the morning hike to Ijen Crater, above all the clouds. Loved the starry night sky and the sunrise at Mount Bromo! The water rafting at Pekalen River is also a must try!

The local guide, Bayu spoke good English and was very accommodating to our requests (i.e. pit-stopping for mini marts and toilets). Due to poor traffic conditions, we almost missed our water rafting activity. Bayu went the extra mile to ensure that we get to enjoy the rafting adventure.

Kudos also to HS, who was very responsive during the planning stage. He answered all our queries and provided his honest opinion. During the trip, he remained in contact with the local guide. When jetstar cancelled our return flight, HS ensured that the local guide and driver remained with us till we managed to get a later flight.

So thank you, IWT! Will definitely consider your other destinations!

– Gretchen (Group of 8 on a 4D3N trip to Ijen & Bromo in Aug 2015)

Our local guide, Mr. Bayu was great! He took good care of us and our needs, made sure the pace was alright for the group when hiking. When we needed extra rest stops (such as to mini-mart), he gladly obliged. I find him an honest guide in many aspect.

The view of the Ijen crater was great, but the view of Mt. Bromo crater from King Kong Hill was stunning! Even better than the sunrise view on Mt. Bromo. We were lucky to catch double rainbow at the waterfall!

The mini-bus that took us everywhere was clean and comfortable. Given that we spent long hours on the road, this is exceptionally welcoming.

- Cheryl (Group of 6 on a 4D3N trip to Ijen & Bromo in May 2015)

The local guide, Bayu, was the best I have ever had in my travels. He was accommodating, thoughtful, and went the extra mile to meet our needs. He took care of us exceedingly well. He bought us snacks upon our arrival at the airport (our flight was delayed 2 hrs and we all went without lunch, so this simple gesture meant a lot to us) and ensured we stayed hydrated throughout the trip. He chatted with us on the hikes, and ran to us when we needed help. Yes he ran! One of us slipped and fell on a slope and he ran to help. No injuries thankfully. He was always on a look out for us. He also gave very clear feedback of what was coming up next, how long the ride would be and what to expect. We felt very safe with him.

All in all, it was an awesome trip. Well organised! Excellent local guide. Would recommend to my friends!

- Jaclyn (Group of 6 on a 4D3N trip to Ijen & Bromo in May 2015)

Transport- Thanks to Mu, he is very thoughtful, always helping us with bags and once we got off from delayed overnight train we will extremely tired. Mu got moving fast and we're on the roads, in the midst my bro was asking me if the car seats can be inclined so that he can take a nap (in Mandarin) and Mu seems to sense it shortly and park the car at road side hurried to help us rearrange our bags and have our seats inclined:)

Accommodation- I love Artotel:) I am sure to go back to this nice little hotel if I go back. I should have let you decided on Day 1 stay too haha

Activities- Everything is good. We love Ijen, perfect. Mt Bromo is a little crowded, maybe because it is a tourist spot.

- Ziyan (Group of 2 on a 6D5N trip to Yogyakarta, Ijen & Bromo in Nov 2014)

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