North Korea Independent Tour

Better known as a rogue state with heavy state control on her people, it is no surprise that North Korea only see a few thousand tourists a year.  Those who did so see a rather different picture from that portrayed in the mass media. Why do the people appear so happy or is there something else going on?  Visit mysterious North Korea today and decide for yourself.

Our independent tour begins in the beautiful city of Pyongyang where you get to see the important sites and get a feel of the country.  We will also take you to the iconic Panmunjom, site of the separation of Korea, as well as all the other significant sites in Kaesong city.

During the trip, you will be accompanied by two English-speaking Korean guides (other languages available). You will also have your own driver and vehicle.


Day 01


Meet your coordinator in Beijing for your tickets and visas, and go through DPRK “procedure”, and orientation. Train takers depart Beijing Central station at 5:25pm for the 24 hour sleeper ride to Pyongyang.


Overnight: Train

Day 02


Arrive at Dandong at 7:00am for Chinese border control then depart for Sinuiju at 10:00am for the extensive border control from the DPRK side.


Trains arrive in Pyongyang at 6:30pm to a warm welcome from your Korean guides.  You will catch your first sight of the beautiful city and its people.


Overnight: Yanggakdo Hotel in Pyongyang

Day 03



Walk through Mansudae fountain park and see the mosaic pictures of President Kim Il Sung and the leader Kim Jong Il.


Visit Mansudae Grand Monument to show our respects to the President Kim Il Sung and the Leader Kim Jong Il. (Optional extra- you can present flowers if you wish: small bunches are 2 euro, larger ones 4).


Juche Tower- Monument to the everlasting Juche Ideology (optional 5 euro to go to the top).

Foreign Language Bookshop – with a large selection of books in English and other European Languages as well as other souvenirs followed by a short walk to Kim Il Sung Square the central square of Pyongyang city and the place where all the action happens.


Lunch in a local Hot Pot restaurant.

Pyongyang Metro – ride 5 stops on the famous Pyongyang Underground!


Exiting at the Arch of Triumph – the largest Victory Arch in the world, built to celebrate the triumphant return of Kim Il Sung after the Anti-Japanese war.

Korean War Museum – Let the expert local guide show you around the enormous museum featuring dioramas, locally used weapons, tanks etc, and captured American equipment!

USS Pueblo – The only US Naval Ship still held captive by another nation.


Dinner at the Famous Lamb BBQ restaurant with performance!

Kaeson Youth Park (Entry is included, rides are extra charge)

Yanggakdo Hotel in Pyongyang

Day 04



Kumsusan Palace of the Sun – The mausoleum for the Great Leader President Kim Il Sung and the Dear Leader Kim Jong Il.

Revolutionary Martyr’s Cemetery – The resting place of the greatest of the anti-Japanese revolutionary fighters each grave features a bronze bust of the hero laid to rest within.


Lunch at the Gold Cup Restaurant.

Grand People’s study House – Library and academic centre for adult learners, this grand building is built in the Korean style and affords a great view over the central Square.


Visit Party Foundation Monument.

Mangyongdae Schoolchildren’s palace – The largest of the schoolchildren’s palaces (extracurricular centres) in the DPRK, we’ll first observe some lessons then watch the amazing performance.


Drive to Kaesong City.

Overnight: Kaesong Folklore Hotel

Day 05



Panmunjon DMZ Village – see the DMZ and the treaty and conferences rooms where the armistice was signed all in the company of a friendly KPA officer guide (You can also take pictures of soldiers here!)


Koryo Museum – the oldest university in Korea and now a converted museum of local history. Also the site of the best propaganda and stamp/postcard shop in the DPRK!


Lunch at the Thongil Restaurant in Kaesong City- try your hand at traditional Korean Pansangi- a series of dishes served in bronze bowls. (Optional extras- Dog soup 5 euro, Ginseng Stuffed Whole Chicken 30 euro – can be split between several).

Drop by Sariwon City (Capital of North Hwanghae province) to walk in the local folk custom park and view the city from the mountain top pagoda, you can also try locally brewed Makkoli in a local bar.

Photo opportunity of the Monument to the Three Charters of National Reunification, standing over the Thongil Highway.

Dinner at the Pyongyang Duck BBQ Restaurant.

Rungna Island funfair – enjoy the latest of the DPRK’s amusement parks! (Entry included rides between 1.5 to 3 euro depending on how awesome they are).


Taedonggan Diplomat’s club. There’s local and imported drinks, karaoke, billiards, ping pong and a great chance to meet some local Pyongyang expats.

Overnight: Yanggakdo Hotel in Pyongyang

Day 06



Flight depart at 8:30am for Beijing on Air Koryo. (Arriving at 9:55am Beijing time).

Please note that while the North Korean guides will try to adhere to the itinerary and accommodate to the guests’ preference to the best of their ability, it is still possible for last minute alternations to happen due to changing ground conditions. We seek customers’ understanding in the matter.

Package includes:

  • All local land transfers including airport transfers
  • All accommodations
  • English/Mandarin/French/Japanese speaking guides
  • All Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in North Korea
  • North Korean VISA (we will help you arrange)

Package excludes:

  • Return international air ticket
  • Travel insurance
  • Meals on trains and in Beijing
  • Tips for guides
  • All expenses of a personal nature


Need more information on North Korea? Read through our North Korea frequently asked questions (FAQ) and get them answered!


Visitors interested in visiting Dandong, the bordering Chinese city which you would pass by on your train journey, a one night add-on is possible.

We also have fixed date North Korea tours running throughout the year. These tours would be accompanied with an additional non North-Korean tour guide.


Coordination with IWT was a breeze. Ying was quick in responding to queries and very helpful, giving tips according to her own experience climbing Pelapah Falls. Prasanth, the driver, was on-time, friendly and skillful. Despite the hours of driving and waiting for us, he always wore a smile on his face. Nan, our guide, was very experienced. He was like a fatherly figure who knew exactly what he was doing and that brought a lot of assurance to us. Pelapah Falls has its challenges but it was such a good experience for my friends and I. We had to tread through cooling rivers, climb using ropes, avoid giant ants and manage a few leeches but the amazing and therapeutic waterfalls made it all worth it. All of us were counted as beginner hikers and we all made it. So don't worry. Just do it!

– Xiuqing (Group of 5 on a Pelepah Falls & Kota Tinggi Trip in Feb 2017)

Guide and driver were very nice people. Caring, considerate, conscientious, patient, nice and fun people. Car was driven with care so that we were comfortable and did not feel car sick during the long rides. I enjoyed the trips to ijen, bromo and the waterfall at batu. Views were very scenic. Our guide Vinda and the local guides which she got along the way brought us to scenic spots (esp @ the waterfalls) and helped to take great pictures.

– Alexia (Group of 3 on a 5D4N Ijen Crater, Mount Bromo & Batu in Sep 2016)

Everything was great! From planning til the end of the trip, everything was organised. The activities were fun and itinerary was well planned. We did not feel that we were rushed at all and we get to enjoy Borobudur and Mount Bromo in our own pace. Our guide, Bayu, was very friendly and helped us a lot especially when it comes to ordering food :). This is the most relaxing, hassle-free trip I've ever had! Thanks Iwannatravel 🙂

– Sunshine (Group of 7 on a 4D3N trip to Bromo & Borobudur in Aug 2016)

I really enjoy the whole travel experience. The driver is always contactable and prompt, and transport it’s quite comfortable. The mountain guide is friendly, and is knowledgeable and ensures that the last person is not left behind, and there are 2 guides provided to us for a group of 10 which I think is quite good. The accommodation at Melaka is quite clean and it’s within the tourist attraction; Jonker Street and there’s also some free and easy time to explore with driver provided.

– Xian Ying (Group of 10 on a 2D1N trip to Mt Ophir in May 2016)

I liked how fast HS was able to plan the itinerary for our group, making it flexible to suit our preferences and how he was very prompt to answer our questions and give suggestions on things that we can do. We only ask assistance for bookings on our Vietnam trip (Mt. Fansipan trek, Lao Cai- Hanoi train tickets and Halong Bay Day Cruise). However, upon knowing that we are also traveling to Laos, HS has gone an extra mile and help us map out our Laos itinerary too. Transport provided both for Fansipan trek and Halong Bay Day Cruise were awesome as they picked us up from our hostel right on time. Our Fansipan guide was very helpful and patient and ensured everyone's safety during the trek. While our Halong Bay Cruise guide was quite informative and very entertaining as she makes us laugh without even trying. Our group was very much satisfied with the food served to us both during the Fansipan trek and Halong Bay cruise. And of course, we definitely enjoyed all the activities we did: trekking up to the summit of Fansipan, riding a sleeper train from Lao Cai to Hanoi and kayaking in Halong Bay. Organization of our trip is superb knowing that we were IWT's first customers to book for their Fansipan trek and Halong Bay Cruise trip. *^_^*

– Michelle (Group of 3 on a 4D3N trip to Mt Fansipan & Halong Bay in Apr 2016)


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