2014/03/29 – Kayaking at Macritchie [Completed]

Event: Kayaking at Macritchie

Date: Saturday, 29th March 2014 (9 – 11 AM) at Mushroom Cafe (located inside the reservoir park)

Description: Kayaking fun at the calm waters of Macritchie reservoir. Sit-on-top kayaks (one/two seater) are available for rental from The Paddle Lodge.  Certified one star kayakers can rent recreational kayak (one-seater). If you want to rent the recreational kayak, please produce your one-star cert for verification (a photo of the cert will suffice). Lockers and showers are available in the park. After the shower, we can go for a nice lunch at nearly Shunfu market.


Cost: The kayak rental is S$15.00 per hour for open deck kayaks (regardless of singles or doubles) and S$20 for hours for recreational kayaks

Group Size: ~10

Difficulty Level: Suitable for beginners

Status: Completed with excellent weather on the day!

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