23-24 May 2015 – 2D1N Mount Arong Trip [Completed]

Date: 23 – 24 May 2015

Meeting Point: 630am at Lavender MRT Station Exit A

Group Size: 10-15

Status: Completed

Regardless of whether you are a mountain hiker or beachgoer, you will like Gunung Arong Recreational Forest – a nature reserve that combine mountain trail with green foliage, blue sea and white sandy beach. Mount Arong albeit only 300m high has one of the most beautiful summit view among all mountains in Peninsular Malaysia. It an easy 2 hours hike – a great introductory hike for beginners – up the summit where you will be rewarded with magnificent bird eye view of the South China Sea and its neighbouring islands. In good weather, Pulau Tioman can be seen from the summit as well. The trail to the summit starts inland beside a small stream and ends at the other side of the mountain on the beach facing the sea. Conclude your trek with a rejuvenating dip in the cooling sea waters.


Day 01

0630am – Morning pick up via private transport from Lavender MRT Station Exit A to Tanjung Resang (~ 3 hrs drive).

0800am – Breakfast either in Johor Bahru en-route to Tanjung Resang or at home before the pick-up. Lunch will be at Mersing Town just before Tanjung Resang

200pm – Check-in Sukalayar Inn (http://sukalayar.com/) where we can engage in a number of sea sports like kayaking, sailing, jet ski etc. Rest and relax at our own leisure till dinner time.

700pm – In the evening, we will proceed to Mersing for sumptuous seafood dinner and some shopping. After dinner and shopping, return back to Inn. Turn in early to prepare for the next day sunrise hike.

Day 02

400am – Wake up Mount Arong sunrise hike (~1.5 hrs one way). The driver will drive us to the trailhead (~10 min drive) where our mountain guide will be waiting for us. A safety briefing and short introduction to the mountain will be conducted by the guide before the climb.

600am – We are expected to reach the summit before 6am which is just in time for the enchanting sunrise over the South China Sea. After sunrise, we will descend to the other side of the mountain which ends at a beautiful beach. Enjoy a dip in the water and then trek back to the vehicle pick-up point.

1100am – Return to the Inn for breakfast follow by check-out. Leave Tanjung Resang for lunch in Kota Tinggi. Transfer back to Singapore after lunch and shopping in Kota Tinggi


At 300m high, Mount Arong is one of the easiest mountains to climb in Malaysia. It is a 2-3 hours hike – a great introductory hike for beginners – on sloping ground up the summit.

Package includes:

  • Transport from Singapore to Mount Arong and back
  • Mountain guide fee
  • One night accommodation at Sukalayar Inn (based on twins/triple-sharing)

Package excludes:

All items not mentioned in the above inclusion list but not limited to:

  • Travel insurance
  • All meals
  • Rental of other water spot equipment/facilities
  • All expenses of a personal nature

This event is organised by IWT to seek like-minded people to join in the tour.  Contact us today if you are keen to join!

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