Guide to Gunungs in West Malaysia

Gunung, the Malay word for Mountain, are aplenty in West Malaysia, and the wide range of options available serve as an excellent weekend getaway or a training ground for hikers based in Singapore.

Here is a guide to the Gunungs in West Malaysia that iwannatravel currently offers. We do note that this is only a small percent of the many many mountains in West Malaysia, but do check back regularly as we strive to add in new destinations and options for you.

Name of Gunung Hiking Time** Grade
Gunung Pulai 3-4 Hours Easy
Gunung Arong 2-3 Hours Easy
Gunung Lambak 4-5 Hours Moderate
Gunung Panti 4-5 Hours Moderate
Gunung Datuk 5-6 Hours Moderate
Gunung Angsi 6-7 Hours Moderate
Gunung Belumut 8-9 Hours Demanding
Gunung Irau 6-7 Hours Moderate
Gunung Nuang 10-11 Hours Demanding
Gunung Ledang 9-10 Hours Demanding
Gunung Stong Multiple Days Demanding

** Estimate based on a average hiker who exercises regularly (e.g.: able to jog 4 km within 30 mins)

Green: Easy
Yellow: Moderate
Red: Demanding

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