Client Registration and T&C Acceptance

IWT LLP requires all customers on our tours to register their particulars and accept our terms and conditions.

If you are a repeat customer who registered with us before and has no change in particulars, you may use the Client Registration and T&C Acceptance form  (For Repeat Customers).  Otherwise, please continue to use this form.

All fields in sections marked with * are mandatory.

*Trip Information

Invoice Number (Format is YY-XXX)

Trip Leader's Name

*Participant's Particulars

Full Name


Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY)



Residential Address

Mobile Number

Passport Number

Passport Expiry Date (DD/MM/YYYY)



Dietary Preference e.g. Vegetarian

Emergency Contact Name

Emergency Contact Number

Fitness Level & Hiking Experience - Only required for participants to hiking trips

Fitness Level e.g. how often do you exercise

Hiking Experience e.g. which mountains have you hiked

Parent/Guardian Information - Only required for participants below 18 years of age

Name of Parent/Guardian

Contact Number of Parent/Guardian

*Terms and Conditions

Acknowledgement by Client

Check here if you accept these terms.

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