See latest reviews on our Google page!

See latest reviews on our Google page!

First of all, this was a last minute trip, booked a few days before its commencement, and HS from iwannatravel was very pro-active in answering the queries and preparing the itinerary in a rush. Other than that, we had really very little to plan. The organization was tailored to our needs, flawless. We had ample time, during our trip to enjoy all activities and scenery. The guide and the driver were great - punctual and well prepared. All the entrance fees and guides were organized behind the scene without us being involved. The food and accommodations were great too. Amazing for a last minute booking. All in all, the trip went well beyond any expectation. Top service from the local crew. And what a beautiful landscape. I can really recommend anyone to visit those volcanoes - and with this Team.

Ian (Group of 2 on an 3D2N Ijen, Bromo & Surabaya trip in Jul 2019)

The guide, Mr Lu, was very professional, kind and nice to us! Despite disruptions in our plans due to the rainy weather, he always had alternative options for us. His driving skills were superb, winding through sharp bends for hours where there was so little visibility and still maintaining a positive and optimistic outlook. All these on top of taking us through long hikes makes him one of the most resilient and nicest person I’ve known! Thank you!

- Xin Han (Group of 6 on a 5D4N Xueshan & Hehuanshan trip in May 2019)

Mountain guide is very friendly. He brings us around to try local delights and share with us local stories and facts.

- Wan Lin (Group of 6 on a 5D4N Xueshan & Hehuanshan trip in May 2019)

The guide was very experienced and friendly. He also plans the ascend and descend schedules very well and is able to walk at a comfortable pace for the team.

- Ruobing (Group of 6 on a 5D4N Xueshan & Hehuanshan trip in May 2019)

There was flexibility in customising itinerary for our private group. HS was very patient, responsive and knowledgeable in helping my group plan our day trip to desaru. We were thankful to mr Rugu as well who did a gd job of driving us around safely.

– Jaddine (Group of 8 on a Desaru Day trip in May 2019)

The climb was great, the view was amazing. We really enjoyed the fact that it wasn't too touristic and all hikers were local. The guide was very helpful and brought us around in Surabaya on Saturday.

Aijing (Group of 2 on a 4D3N Mt Arjuno & Mt Welirang trip in Apr 2019)

The tour and transport were well organised. The van was comfortable, considering we had to spend a long time in it travelling from one spot to the next. The planning for the activities was done so we won't be missing out on the sunrise and yet there's enough time to reach the next destination, accounting for the traffic too. Overall, a very enjoyable trip!

Raj (Group of 7 on an 4D3N Ijen, Bromo & Surabaya trip in Apr 2019)

the tour guide is very friendly, informative and extremely helpful, he even lend us money when we don't have enough local money to pay for the hike down Ijen crater (it's not included in the trip package) the scenery was magnificent, from the blue fire and the lake in Ijen crater to the sunrise and the valley view from Kingkong hill

– Vince (Group of 3 on an 4D3N Ijen, Bromo & Surabaya trip in Apr 2019)

Organization of transport and guide. It was well arranged and went on smoothly.

Rodney (Group of 28 on a Mt Belumut trip in Mar 2019)

Iwannatravel has been proffessional in many aspects of the trip. From trip preparation to the entire trip itself, i felt that the itinerary is arranged and subsequently executed in proper manner. HS was in constant contact, and messages or updates about the trip were communicated promptly.When we were in Surabaya, we were pleased to have Bayu as our tour guide. He is friendly and constantly checking with me about the itinerary, checking if I would like to make adjustments to the itinerary because of wet weather.

– Simon (Group of 5 on an 4D3N Ijen, Malang/Batu & Surabaya trip in Feb 2018)

We had a fabulous time at Mt. Panti, thanks to 'I Wanna Travel'. The organisation was smooth from the beginning. My support, HS, was attentive to details and always available at my beck and call. The guide was friendly and encouraging. The last stretch of the climb before reaching the summit was thrilling. We absolutely loved it! We were treated to a large spread of delicious vegetarian Chinese food at the end of the trip. The highlight of the trip was the Firefly Cruise. What a mesmerising experience! Thank you for a great trip. We'll be coming back for more.

Arathi (Group of 5 on a Mt Panti trip in Nov 2018)

IWT handled the pre-trip administration very well and the itinerary was swiftly and properly communicated to us. The itinerary was clear and useful as it gave us a rough gauge of what to expect and what to prepare for the trip. Our tour guide Mr Dimas, along with our driver, possess welcoming and friendly personalities and they always ensured that our welfare is well taken care of. During the trip, they were always providing us with insights into Surabaya to tell us more about their country and even provided excellent recommendations for activities and their local cuisine. All in all, a very good and trip and would certainly recommend.

Zhen Siang (Group of 2 on an 4D3N Ijen, Bromo & Surabaya trip in Dec 2018)

Organisation of the trip was good as communication with iwannatravel was smooth and fast, and the itinerary planning was well suited for my group needs and wants. The driver, Mr Thina, was very accommodating towards our schedule and took care of our needs, example needing to buy rubber shoes, where he drove us to the shop. Our guides were well experienced and could pace and entertain us well with their knowledge and fun-loving nature. Mount Panti had more leeches than what we imagined though and the difficulty level of the treks was as what iwannatravel said, not to be estimated as it had moderate difficulty. Overall we had a good experience with our activities and accommodations! And would definitely recommend this trip for the more adventurous people.

John (Group of 9 on a 2D1N Mt Panti & Pelepah Falls trip in Dec 2018)

Organisation is the best where the trip was well planned and it is according to the scheduled. The guide., Bob Bayu, is very competence and responsible person who assist us to everyone needs. He will do extra miles such as he helps us to send us to airport although it is not suppose in the scheduled. He has to do it twice on sending us to the airport. He can simply ask taxi to do it but he insist to do it.

Shali (Group of 10 on an 4D3N Ijen, Bromo & Surabaya open trip in Nov 2018)

The guide, Mr Azhar was very experienced. He was able to pace us accordingly and guide us throughout our entire trek to the peak and the Big Tree. The trek was not easy, considering it started to rain halfway thru the journey, making the route slippery but Mr Azhar was willing to guide us and pace us accordingly throughout so that we wont overexert ourselves.

– Salmiah (Group of 4 on a Mt Lambak day trip in Nov 2018)

Guide spoke really good English. Driver was skillful and my husband and I felt safe.

Emmeline (Group of 10 on an 4D3N Ijen, Bromo & Surabaya open trip in Nov 2018)

The climb itself. Eventhough, the mountain itself is not that high, it still needs some form of resilience in order to reach the summit then to the big tree. The guide that was with us was a very experience one. He leads us all the way with lots of patience and give us some tips on how to overcome some parts of the trek.that was not so easy. Witj his level of expertise, we manage to.complete the trek. The four of us really enjoy the trek.

– Sunita (Group of 4 on a Mt Lambak day trip in Nov 2018)

Personalised pickup and attention to our well being. Focused to help us to have good experiences. Guide Udin is very professional. Dependable, attention to details, providing good advices. Porters are friendly and helpful. We are very happy with the service level, professionalism of the whole team to bringing good experiences to hikers like us.

– YT (Group of 3 on a 2D1N Mt Merbabu Camping trip in Nov 2018)

The transport van was spacious and driver was really friendly and accommodating. Double thumb ups!

– Huizhen (Group of 4 on a 2D1N Mt Ophir & Resort trip in Oct 2018)

From the point of my first enquiry to planning the trip, and confirming all arrangements,HS was prompt, friendly and helpful. The personalised service and attention to detail was great. We were travelling in a group of 3, and he made sure that our request for room configuration were met. We got to see and do everything and more on the itinerary. The guide and driver were very flexible and easy-going. Even if there was quite a lot of travelling time on the road, it was comfortable and enjoyable. Thank you for a wonderful experience!

– YY (Group of 3 on an 5D4N Mt Sibayak, Taman Simalem, Lake Toba, Medan Trip in Sep 2018)

Hi Bob, thanks very much for making the arrangements and making this trip a meaningful one for me. The service that you have provided is exception, really unlike any vendors that I have engaged before. The prompt replies and staying connected with the traveller during the trip helps to reassure the traveller. The guides that were engaged were also very professional and ensures the safety of the climber. The guides takes the effort to brief the climber and checks that there are proper safety equipment before the hike so that safety of the climber will not be compromised. It was a smooth trip. The drivers for the transfers were also punctual. It’s really a great trip! Thank you very much!

– Pei Yi (Solo hiker on a 4D3N Semeru trip in Aug 2018)

The guide and porters were experienced and very nice! They were very helpful and fun 🙂 the cooking was delicious and they were wonderful hosts. We were pretty slow but they were understanding about it. They were very accommodating of our wants to stop and take pictures along the way too. I'd like to commend porter Diu (I hope I'm spelling it right), my Friend was struggling up and he offered to carry her bag for her. During the descend, I kept slipping and he was so kind to help me down the many steep paths.

– Stef (Group of 6 on an 2D1N Mt Merbau Summit & Camping trip in Jul 2018)

great service from guide and driver. activities well planned. accomodations quite ok. great choice of restaurant.

– Matthew (Group of 2 on an 4D3N Ijen, Bromo & Surabaya trip in Jul 2018)

Well informed guide, and was able to make changes to accommodate our needs Activities and timing for the tour were well planned Accommodation was up to standard (:

– Abigail (Group of 6 on a 5D4N Medan, Lake Toba & Mt Sibayak in Jun 2018

-The transport (as in the vehicle) is comfortable. -Driver Bondan is superb. He is a careful and calculated driver, yet he tries his best to reach the destinations expeditiously. -Bayu has a good command in English, and very understanding. He is also a great support in our hiking trips. -The booking and communication with HS is prompt and we like the reminders (for payment etc).

– Desmond (Group of 6 on an 4D3N Ijen, Bromo & Surabaya trip in Jun 2018)

We love our hippie guide Smiley who stands out with his dreadlocks and knows a lot about the local culture. We like how he shows us different smells of the leaves, and their uses, as we walked past them. He also knows how to avoid the terrible traffic on the way to the airport. We love the activities that the organise for us. He will always check with us what we wish to do, and is on time for us. The accomodation was fabulous too, especially the one he arranged for Samosir Island. We totally soaked in the picturesque view of Lake Toba. Smiley also drove past the ghost town and I’d say that’s the highlight of our trip. We highly recommend him.

– Shiling (Group of 2 on a 4D3N Lake Toba & Mt Sibayak in Jun 2018

The whole trip was great! Everything went very smooth and it was a great experience. The guide allowed us to choose which route we wanted to go, and was accommodating to all our pictures and video. The driver was very friendly and provided recommendations for dinner. The pre-trip experience was great as well and all our questions were answered so we were well prepared for the trip!

– Khang Siang (Group of 7 on a 2D1N Mt Ophir Camping Trip (Summit & Twin Falls) in Jun 2018)

Everything was on time and according to plan. hs and his colleagues were all very nice, friendly and approachable. The climb was abit harder than we thought it should be. But nevertheless we did have fun as a group of friends who barely get to meet each other when we are back in SG.

– Kian Kok (Group of 10 on an Mt Ophir Summit Day Trip in Jun 2018)

Trip was well planned, transport was on time, recommended eating place was good and affordable - very good experience!

– Jerome (Group of 10 on an Mt Ophir Summit Day Trip in Jun 2018)

We were lucky, the weather was good and sunny throughout the trip. Scenery was beautiful and most importantly food was great. A great trek but not a stroll in the park. Summit push was a struggle for some of us. Thanks Ying for making our trip a success.

– Jace Lee (Group of 4 on a 4D3N Semeru trip in June 2018)

Organisation was very easy; all relevant information was provided and all questions were answered quickly. The trip itself was excellent and went exactly to plan. Our guides were friendly and encouraging to everyone in the group. We all had a fantastic time

– Oonagh (Group of 9 on an Mt Ophir Summit Day Trip in Apr 2018)

Overall excellent planning, coordination and communication ahead of the trip. The arranged driver was jovial and accommodating as well. Could not ask for more for a trip like this. A very positive experience indeed by all in my team!

– Habib (Group of 5 on an Mt Ophir Summit Day Trip in Apr 2018)

The whole trip was simply awesome. The moment we met our guide Mr Bayu we welcome by him at the promised meeting point and immediately usher us. We were impressed that our guide is very able to speak fluent English and also we were able to connect to our guide easily as our age gap were quite near. The guide was very knowledgeable about the whole trip and able to inform us accurately on what we can expect when climbing the mountain. The whole drive to and fro different places was very well navigated by the driver. The driver Mr Bondan knew his way around places and able to get us safely to our destination despite heavy traffic conditions along the way.

– Zahin (Group of 2 on an 4D3N Ijen, Bromo & Surabaya trip in Mar 2018)

Honorable mention to the guide, whom was the driver too. Her energy and dedication throughout the trek makes the trip very worthwhile, even though the view at the summit was spoiled by the poor foggy weather. Our team would gladly scale another mountain in taiwan with her as the guide again, if we had the chance.

– Jonathan (Group of 5 on a 2D2N Yushan trip in Mar 2018)

The trekking to Mount Bromo and Ijen Crater was an interesting and rewarding experience. Our guide Dimas was very helpful and friendly on showing us interesting place to dine and was very accommodating to our requests.

– Alfi (Group of 4 on an 4D3N Ijen, Bromo & Surabaya with water rafting trip in Mar 2018)

transport hotel and food selection all good. the guides didnt bring us to tourist places (which usually pays them commission) which i was afraid of, instead they bring us to the local favs.

– Irvin (Group of 10 on an 6D5N Bromo, Batu & Yogyakarta trip in Feb 2018)

The trip and activities well planned and quite flexible, not too hectic but just nice. The hotels are amazing in both services and locations. The tour guide are super friendly and easy going.

– Priska (Group of 10 on an 6D5N Bromo, Batu & Yogyakarta trip in Feb 2018)

We had a lovely trip! Well organized. Everything was ok. Friendly and flexible driver. Knowledledable guide. Resort was basic, but ok. Slight feedback is the breakfast wasnt ready in time. Overall perfect trip.

– Maarten (Group of 3 on an 2D1N Mt Ophir Summit & Resort Trip in Feb 2018)

The tour guide, Enggar was excellent. She was friendly, engaging and ensured we had the most complete experience. Not to forget our shy but friendly driver, Yuli. He drove fast but make sure we are safe to the destination. Even offer me a pillow so that I can rest comfortably on the car! The organization of the trip was also well planned and also allowed room for flexibility to have minor changes in the schedule. Overall, an enjoyable time spent.

– Terence (Group of 4 on an 5D4N Ijen Bromo Yogyakarta trip in Nov 2017)

Very well organised. Clear instructions. Quick response to emails. All worked exactly as planned. Good guide. Driver was always on time. No complaints. Impressed with service.

– Joe Windle (Group of 2 on an 2D1N Mt Ophir Summit & Resort Trip in Dec 2017)

Went in a group of 2 for 4D3N Ijen Crater & Mount Bromo Tour. The booking of this tour was hassle-free with prompt responses from hs whom handled our case. All the information were well conversed and in sequence, building up a better understanding of the upcoming trip. Itinerary given was well structured and organized, and it corresponds perfectly with the trip. Had to compliment also the local guide (Putri) and driver (Henry) that took good care of us during the entire trip. They would always find the opportunities to let us know more about their culture and lifestyle, and more importantly, understand the things we required. As a whole, the journey was a fruitful and enjoyable one, all aspects of the trips were to expectation.

– Leong Ming (Group of 2 on an 4D3N Ijen Crater & Mount Bromo in Nov 2017)

HS was very prompt, clear and honest in his responses. Great organisation and hassle free with the whole process. Kumar the driver is friendly and accommodating. The guide Hazali is just great! Patient with our slower pace (mainly due to old age me) and even pro-actively to offer to help us carry some stuff. The whole camping experience was great for my wife and 2 kids who did it for the first time. Overall very happy that we made it to the summit, and grateful to the kind and great weather where there was no rain at all.

– Melvin (Group of 4 on an 2D1N Mt Ophir Summit & Camping Trip in Nov 2017)

thanks for everything, the rest were too tired when they reached the wall, only 3 of us summit, was great fun n experience n sense of achievement for everyone though they were complaining along the way which is normal. Everything were great from driver to guide to dinner n cruise, we didn't shower at waterfall, rented a chalet for that instead with credit to your indian colleague, the chalet was value for money n did a big part in washing n recuperating after the climb, our older folks had a restful afternoon there too, overall had been a great experience n hs thanks again for ensuring that everything went on smoothly for us, kenny

- Kenny (Group of 13 on a Mt Panti & Kota Tinggi Trip in Nov 2017)

Thoroughly enjoyed the Poon Hill trek! Beautiful scenery and Puskar was a patient and responsible guide. He made our trip possible and hassle-free. We also found the hotel in Pokhara in an extremely good location with many restaurants in the vicinity.

– Peiying & Photon (Group of 2 on a 12D11N Kathmandu, Pokhara & Poon Hill trip in Nov 2017)

The whole trip was nicely planned from the start till the end. Our guide Puskar was generally very kind and helpful. The food was relatively good through out as well. Overall, it was a lovely trip. Will definitely come back to do this trek again.

– Mus & Sandija (Group of 2 on a 18D17N Kathmandu & EBC trip in Oct 2017)

Everything was perfect from transport to food to activities and location/ accommodations. We had an amazing local tour guide named Andika and local driver Wiwin, they were both very patient and friendly and made the experience very memorable, like we were travelling with friends and not simply tour guides! IWT seamlessly organizes day to week-long trips and down to the smallest detail. I could not ask for a better tour agent for such exotic places we went to - Mount Bromo, Ijen Crater and Batu village.

– Sche (Group of 2 on a 5D4N Ijen, Bromo, Batu & Surabaya trip in Oct 2017)

The trip was successful thank you and we all made it up and down in 9 hours. Fitri our guide was very good and looked after us well. Gunung Ledang Resort is indeed basic but sufficient for the night before the hike. Many thanks.

– Nick (Group of 4 on an 2D1N Mt Ophir Summit & Resort Trip in Oct 2017)

The whole organisation was prepared smoothly prior to the trip. The ample of times attending to the enquiries and the notes given had definitely been useful. For transport, guide (and driver), food, activities, accommodation - they were pleasant. The van provided was spacious especially the legroom, and even had enough room to store our bag packs. The guide and driver were very accommodative, for an instance, stopping the van to allow us take some photos before proceeding to the trail head. Additionally, both tried their best to attempt to make conversations in English. As per food and activities, it was great. The food complimented the next activity well, an example, we were provided rice instead of noodles on the day before our summit push and back to the trail head. It was essential since we had to have plenty carbohydrates for the long trek ahead.

– SR (Group of 5 on a 2D2N Xueshan trip in Oct 2017)

Accommodation was excellent, the waterfall was my absolute favourite, but of course the volcanoes were fantastic. I enjoyed the food very much - i love indonesian food. Definitely transport was as good as it was going to get and I appreciate it. Indonesia's traffic unfortunately is never pleasant, however I can understand this is out of our control. Hopefully in the future there will be better transport options... Our guide and driver (Yudi and Budi?) were excellent. Yudi was very enthusiastic about the volcanoes and walks, giving us information and being upbeat (despite the fact that he has been on this route so many times already, and just about to do it again with another group after us!). All you could ask for in a guide!

– Pierre & Cassandra (Group of 2 on a 3D2N Ijen & Bromo trip in Oct 2017)

Our guide, Mr Dimas is friendly and knowledgeable. He is very clear and patient in his explanation and is very proactive. He helps us with our luggage and bough mineral water for us. My mom wanted to get buah salak and he brought us to a great place to buy the fruit. In addition to that, our 2 drivers (one of them is Bayu) are very vigilant when driving, which makes us feel safe during the journey. Overall, had a great time during our trip. The hotels were pleasant.

– Sanddy (Group of 4 on a 5D4N Ijen, Bromo & Yogyakarta trip in Oct 2017)

We enjoyed ourselves very much, and we were very well taken care of by Mr Andika and Mr Widodo. The waterfall that we went after Mt Bromo was an unexpected and pleasant surprise, and the scenery was breathtaking! Kudos to Andika and Widodo for being such great hosts and shared so much about their culture. Wish more people will come to know about Mt Ijen and Mt Bromo!

– Jael (Group of 2 on a 4D3N Bromo & Ijen trip in Oct 2017)

Transport was good as the Innova could fit all of us and was comfortable and clean. Activities were great for us adventure seekers and the days were fully utilized as they were jam packed with things to do. Guide and driver were both helpful and attentive to our needs. Recommended accommodation, Yochy Guesthouse was great and they even upgraded our room.

– Joevy (Group of 4 on a 4D3N Bromo Ijen Batu trip in Oct 2017)

- Accommodations Although they are mid range accommodations, they were great with all necessary facilities and most importantly they are clean and within acceptable distance to attractions - Driver Driver was attentive and got us to all places safely and smoothly. - Guide Replacement guide was good and provided recommendations - Activities Activities were amazing. Ijen Crater, Mount Bromo and the waterfall was totally breathtaking. Though it was tough going up and coming down ijen crater, the view was totally worth. Being at the rim of Mount Bromo, hearing the roar of the volcano was brilliant. Walking through the falls and swimming in the clear water is an experience like never before. All in all it was a great trip. Great first time and looking forward to many more hiking trips with Iwannatravel

– Natalie (Group of 2 on a 4D3N Ijen Crater & Mt Bromo trip in Sep 2017)

Dayat, the guide, was very helpful and professional. the guides were also very good cooks and very efficient at their job. We feel that for Asians, a 4D3N climb is much more recommended over a 3D2N climb.

– Darek (Group of 5 on a 6D5N Mt Rinjani Trip in Aug 2017)

It was a great experience travelling with you guys. HS was always so prompt in communicating with us on whatever questions or concerns we had. The guide Dimas was so helpful and personable, providing us with many insights throughout the travel, encouraging us during the hike and being a great photographer! Dodo's driving skills are superb and we felt safe having him drive us on the long journey. Thank you all for such an awesome trip!

– Valerie (Group of 3 on a 4D3N Ijen Bromo Trip in Aug 2017)

Bayu, our guide, hes a cool and an awesome guy. He took care of us and make sure everything went smooth. Accomodation, activities and the food was awesome! Will definately engange you guys again in the future!

– Zul (Group of 3 on an 5D4N Mt Bromo & Yogyakarta Trip in Aug 2017)

We really liked how IWT keeps with their customers, prompt reminders on payments and ensuring that they know their itinerary and even provide a packing list! We were informed on who our guide was and even had the contact number. The local guide, Putri, was extremely friendly and helpful! They provided us with bottled water every single and we're really grateful for that. We absolutely loved the accommodations that they've arranged and it was a treat to stay at Hotel Majapahit! It was easy to contact Putri if we needed anything! They went out of the way and showed us the longest bridge in Indonesia which was an eye opener! A fantastic experience for my friends and I over the 3D2N Mt Bromo trip. Extremely eventful!

– Min Fang (Group of 3 on an 3D2N Mount Bromo & Surabaya in August 2017)

Basically trip was pretty well organised. Mount Ijen, Mount Bromo and the Madakaripura waterfalls were breath taking. Transport provided was very good and comfortable with no breakdowns. Wiwin was an excellent driver on the road and extremely alert. Guide Andika was very friendly, knowledgeable , accommodating and attentive to our needs and questions. Hotel stays for all 3 nights were pretty good. Food wise , it was pretty decent.

– John (Group of 2 on an 4D3N Ijen, Mt Bromo & Surabaya in July 2017)

The guides and drivers were really friendly and great! They took care of us really well, and were very attentive to what we needed. The accommodations were beyond our expectations as we chose the budget package, especially the yoschi's hotel at mount bromo, it felt like a luxurious stay! Food was great and very affordable too! Mount Bromo and Ijen Crater were magnificent! The climb was really fun and exciting. Sukamade was beautiful, with lots of wildlife and the guide was really friendly and shared a lot of knowledge regarding the plantations, sea turtles, and he even prepared a mat for us to rest on while waiting for the sea turtles at the beach. The attentiveness and friendliness of the guides were the most important aspect in making the trip amazing ◡̈

– Audrey (Group of 2 on an 5D4N Ijen, Sukamade and Mt Bromo in July 2017)

First, we would like to thank hs for coming up with the itinerary of the places that we wanted to visit and always being prompt and patient in answering our queries. This trip turned out to be one of the best trips ever! Our guide, Bayu, was simply wonderful. He speaks good English and we enjoyed our conversations with him. During the hike, he frequently stopped to ask if we were okay and if we needed a rest. He would also ask if we had any other places in mind that we would like to visit around the vicinity. In all, we felt very well-taken of throughout the entire trip. Our fondest memory was the day when we had cup noodles around a campfire together with him during the early hours of dawn at King Kong Hill. It was truly unforgettable. Bayu also offered to help us take photos during the trip and we were really thankful for that. Our driver, Bayu (same name as our guide) had superb driving skills. We were really amazed at how he was able to navigate and drive through narrow and winding roads under foggy weather conditions. Throughout the trip, both of them made us feel very safe and comfortable. We did not have to worry about anything. It was really such an enjoyable trip. A big thank you to our guide, Bayu, and our driver, Bayu! 🙂

– Eunice (Group of 2 on an 5D4N Ijen, Mt Bromo, Batu in June 2017)

Bayu was a very friendly tour guide who made sure that our requirements were fulfilled at all times. Also, the activities were well planned and accommodations were good as well. We had loads of fun throughout the whole trip and the experience we had was definitely a memorable one!

– Jacqueline (Group of 7 on an 4D3N Ijen Crater, Mount Bromo & Surabaya in May 2017)

We always have a wish that to have a wonderful trip with a lot of fun and laugh, and so we stop dreaming and start planning. No doubt IWT is our best choice with no regretted. First of all, we wanna thank you to our tour guide Ms Vinda, a young lady with always have a cute smiling. She is very friendly, knowledgeable, understanding and patience lady. She care a lot of us, and make sure we are not injure while hiking, but manage to reach to the top. Due to some of my friends is lack of exercise and felt exhausted, especially Ijen and Mt Bromo, she keep accompanied us and make sure 4 of us are in good condition to continue. She keep reminding us some sleepy area, and hold our hand if needed to ensure we are not fell down. She also giving us a lot of info about some interest places were going and we'll communication. She always standby to be our photographer, even some time our pose is funny. She willing to share her photos and videos with us. Thanks ya. And most importantly that she notice 1 of my friend didn't wear a suitable shoe to waterfall, she immediately take off her shoe and let my friend to wear, and help to carry my friend shoe and walk with no shoe herself...so embarrassing. She treat us ginger tea while we feel cold, Indomee after hiking and dragon fruit along the way to Surabaya. Bring us to minimart to buy our secret stuff. Lastly, we should say that~Ms Vinda, thank you so much. We are enjoyable the trip and this is really amazing. We highly recommend her as a tour guide and wish her all the best. Thumb up 👍

– May (Group of 4 on a 4D3N Ijen Crater, Mount Bromo & Batu in May 2017)

Bayu and Mull are both very friendly and knowledgeable, will opt for them if going Indonesia again! Despite having a schedule to follow, it was adequately spaced out with sufficient time to travel at each location. Opting for a hike followed by an Ojek ride instead of a jeep ride turned to be one of the best decisions for the trip. The Ojek ride at King Kong Hill is highly recommended, but it ain't for the faint-heart. Not only it is exhilarating, it provides a better view at multiple angles rather than just sitting in a jeep, which is just bumpy and possibly restricted viewing angles. Accommodation was sufficiently good due to the Budget option that we chose.

– Sam(Group of 4 on a 4D3N Ijen Crater, Mount Bromo & Surabaya in May 2017)

Profession guide ensures a safety and comfortable journey during the adventure. Tents and pillows were of good condition and organisation of daily itinerary was based on our capability and ability to continue the hike rather than rushing for the schedules. The hiking and trip journey was enjoyable.

– Adam (Group of 4 on a Mt Rinjani trip in May 2017)

The whole arrangement from the start to the end was smooth. The support of the guide was immense and we enjoyed ourselves all the way through. But kudos to the guide who made this experience a beautiful one.

– Mus (Group of 4 on a Mt Rinjani trip in May 2017)

Guide Syami was amazing! Very patient and extremely helpful towards my parents (55 and 50 year old folks) . His guidance really helped my parents with their hike. Shared his knowledge on the mountain and the wildlife there. Perfect.

– Farhana (Group of 6 on an 2D1N Mt Ophir Camping Trip in Apr 2017)

Guide & driver are good and never late once.We told them about a lapis shop and they remembered and brought us there.The feeling of having a honest guide/driver is good.We wanted to treat them meals along the way and they only accepted after few insistent requests from us.

– Diana (Group of 3 on a 4D3N Ijen Crater, Mount Bromo & Surabaya in Apr 2017)

Very nice group, glad I made some good friends. Thanks to the organisers who took us for dinner near a vegetarian friendly place.

– Rajan (Group of 12 on an Open Mt Ophir Trip in Mar 2017)

Coordination with IWT was a breeze. Ying was quick in responding to queries and very helpful, giving tips according to her own experience climbing Pelapah Falls. Prasanth, the driver, was on-time, friendly and skillful. Despite the hours of driving and waiting for us, he always wore a smile on his face. Nan, our guide, was very experienced. He was like a fatherly figure who knew exactly what he was doing and that brought a lot of assurance to us. Pelapah Falls has its challenges but it was such a good experience for my friends and I. We had to tread through cooling rivers, climb using ropes, avoid giant ants and manage a few leeches but the amazing and therapeutic waterfalls made it all worth it. All of us were counted as beginner hikers and we all made it. So don't worry. Just do it!

– Xiuqing (Group of 5 on a Pelepah Falls & Kota Tinggi Trip in Feb 2017)

We have went for hiking in Mount Lambak. Though its our first hiking have enjoyed it to the full. Guide received us with his warm wishes and provided his support through-out the trip and gave tips on what are all things to do and not to do during the trekking/hiking.

– Mahendran (Group of 5 on a Mount Lambak Trip in Feb 2017)

Transport - Driver was friendly and punctual Guide - Experienced and knowledgeable; was able to resolve any issues that cropped up in a calm, steady manner

– Paul (Group of 4 on a Mt Panti & Kota Tinggi Trip in Jan 2017)

Thanks Ying! You've been very helpful and professional! We truly enjoyed ourselves 😊

– Johan (Group of 9 on a 2D2N Xueshan trip in Jan 2017)

Organisation is very efficient, we can get all the help we needed. in terms of transport , bus guide and mountain guides. food was great , ready and prepared sufficiently.

– Qinmei (Group of 6 on a 4D3N trip to Mt Kinabalu with Via Ferrata in Dec 2016)

Thanks so much for Organising the Taiwan trip. The 2 mountains were amazing and the guides were great! Everyone enjoyed the trip and were able to make it down from both mountains safely!

– Shaun from NUS Mountaineering Club (Group of 10 on a 5D4N Xueshan -Yushan Climb in Dec 2016)

The whole planning process went very smoothly, and Ying was very accommodating to our requests. We were even able to secure a chalet instead of camping like our initial plan, because we were worried about the monsoon season. We were kept well-informed of what we needed to take note of as well, and all our queries were answered promptly.

– Pearlyn (Group of 4 on a 2D1N trip to Mt Ophir in Nov 2016)

Transport was great, the driver knew his way around well and was always ready to pick us up. The fact that one of the organizers came down at 5am in the morning to ensure that everything was in order and to send us off, gave a great personal touch to the trip. The guides for the trek were both friendly and experienced.

– Alexander (Group of 21 on a 2D1N trip to Mt Ophir in Nov 2016)

Everything about my trip was really Amazing!! Even though we found out on the first day when we reached Surabaya that we are not able to hike to the crater edge of Mount Bromo due to its active period. Our Guide bring us around the village and the city and introduce us to their culture. it was fun. and Not to forget our tour guide, Ms Enggar, which was the same age as me, is very friendly and knowledgeable. It was very easy to communicate with her. The scenery, the food, everything was awesome! It was our first time travelling with iwannatravel and travelling to indonesia and i must say my trip was wonderful and beyond expectation. I would love to go more trip with iwannatraavel again and would recoommend my friends! Thank You So Much!!

– Atiqah (Group of 2 on a 4D3N Mount Bromo, Malang & Surabaya in Oct 2016)

Guide and driver were very nice people. Caring, considerate, conscientious, patient, nice and fun people. Car was driven with care so that we were comfortable and did not feel car sick during the long rides. I enjoyed the trips to ijen, bromo and the waterfall at batu. Views were very scenic. Our guide Vinda and the local guides which she got along the way brought us to scenic spots (esp @ the waterfalls) and helped to take great pictures.

– Alexia (Group of 3 on a 5D4N Ijen Crater, Mount Bromo & Batu in Sep 2016)

Transport was good. Always around and never late. The hiking guide Azizi was really good also. Could tell he enjoyed his job and enjoyed the people as well. Friendly, fun and very supportive. Accommodation's facilities were quite old but the functionality is there.

– Joy (Group of 17 on a 2D1N trip to Mt Ophir in Sep 2016)

The trip was well planned and the guides provided were experienced and friendly. Azizi, Chamin and Boy were our guides. Azizi was motivating us with the hot coffee that he will make for us at the peak, best coffee ever! He was really friendly and continuously motivating us.

– Serene (Group of 17 on a 2D1N trip to Mt Ophir in Sep 2016)

Everything was great! From planning til the end of the trip, everything was organised. The activities were fun and itinerary was well planned. We did not feel that we were rushed at all and we get to enjoy Borobudur and Mount Bromo in our own pace. Our guide, Bayu, was very friendly and helped us a lot especially when it comes to ordering food :). This is the most relaxing, hassle-free trip I've ever had! Thanks Iwannatravel 🙂

– Sunshine (Group of 7 on a 4D3N trip to Bromo & Borobudur in Aug 2016)

We loved how the activities were planned out. There weren't many dull moments where we did nothing. 100% of the time was used either moving to the next destination or doing the activities itself.

Transportation itself was cozy as the vehicle provided was spacious, more than enough for the 4 of us.

Our guide, Bayu, was extremely helpful and accomodating to us. Giving us alot of information about the places were going to. He was also the same age as us, which made it easier for us to interact with him.

Food was great! We really enjoyed eating at the places we stopped by and we liked that alot of things were already pre-arranged.

Activities were absolutely incredible. We managed to accomplish so much in such a short span of time. We were happy as we came home regretting nothing, having been tried them all.

Thumbs up for accomodation as the hotels we stayed in were very comfortable, and gave us a quality rest. No dissatisfaction at all there.

– Fauzi (Group of 4 on a 5D4N trip to Ijen, Bromo & Batu in Jul 2016)

The guide was five-star. Know the place very well and very helpful. Same goes to the driver. The activities were all great. Balanced between the physical and extreme to the relax and spiritual.

– Iqbal (Group of 4 on a 5D4N trip to Ijen, Bromo & Batu in Jul 2016)

Everything during my travel experience for the 4D3N Mount Bromo and Ijen trip was positive. Organisation was prompt and both the IWT planner (HS) and also the local guide (Enggar) were timely in response for all requests and activities. They were also patient with questions and provided practical suggestions which took into account unforeseen circumstances. As it rained on the day before the Sempu Island hike, Enggar and the driver Ridodo were able to contact the locals to have an update on the situation. They told us the truth that the Sempu Island hike will be pressed for time due to the mud from the rain and offered alternative such as beach visiting instead which I appreciate and it was fun too!

Pauline and I were eager to try local food and we showed a list to Enggar. She managed to fit into our itinerary such that we could try all the local food on the list. Our activities were well planned in that Enggar handled the negotiation with the local guides on prices and schedule, all we had to do was follow her and enjoy the activity. It was nice to see that she had a good rapport with the locals and that made us feel at ease.

All accommodations during the trip were within our comfort and given the rural locations, it was actually beyond expectations. Enggar and our driver Ridodo even made the extra effort to check our rooms each time to make sure that the utitilies were working before they handed us the room keys.

We enjoyed the fantastic views at Bromo and Ijen during this trip but it was made worthwhile because of our local guide and driver who were responsible and had a sense of humour when things went otherwise.

– Tina and Pauline (Group of 2 on a 4D3N trip to Bromo & Ijen in Jul 2016)

We are extremely pleased and satisfied with IWT's tour package to Mount Bromo & Ijen Crater for 4d3n. From the very beginning, Bob has been very prompt in answering our queries and meticulous in ensuring we are prepared for the trip. We were also assigned an excellent tour guide, Mr. Bayu, and his driver, Mr. Bondan, who were extremely friendly and patient throughout the trip. Our accommodations were excellent and we thoroughly enjoyed our trip to East Java. We highly recommend IWT for your holidays plans and we would definitely approach IWT for our future holidays plans.

– Vishal (Group of 2 on a 4D3N trip to Bromo & Ijen in Jun 2016)

This 4D3N trip we took with IWT was one of our best we had. It was a memorable experience! Very well organised right from the start with prompt correspondences and good advice from HS (IWT). Our guide Mr Bayu and driver Mr Julie were great hosts! Our trip was very smooth and we always arrived at destinations before schedule (allowing us more time for R&R before the next activity). It was good planning by the both of them.

We had a memorable experience visiting Madakaripura Waterfall where we pillion on a motorbike to the start of the trek (it was fun as we went through hills!), the waterfall was also majestic and the cold water was very refreshing. It was very safe in the falls as both of us were guided by Mr Bayu and a local guide.

The view at King Kong lookout (recommended by Mr Bayu) to watch Mount Bromo sunrise was stunning, we had many good shots of the view. It was a nice 3km walk to get near to the crater (Mr Bayu advice us not to head up to the crater as the sulphur smoke was rather strong that day, we hiked up but stayed a safe distance from it). The trek to Ijen Crater to see the blue flames and to admire the turquoise lake was the highlight of our trip. Very memorable! The trek was a good exercise. Our local guide, Mr Hartumo (a sulphur miner for 14 years) was very experienced and took great care of us (our safety down the crater in the dark). He brought us to many vantage points for a closer/better experience of the natural wonder and helped us to take many nice photos for remembrance.

Stop-over restaurant food during our trip recommended by Mr Bayu and Mr Julie was also good and affordable.

Our stay at Artotel (Surabaya), Jiwa Jiwa (Bromo) and Ijen View (Ijen) recommended by HS were very comfortable - nice rooms, well equipped, nice surroundings and they served good food. We also tried the room massages at Jiwa Jiwa and Ijen View. It was an experience. Value for money (average SGD$12.50 for 1pax/hr) and good for tired muscles.

We ended our trip with Mr Bayu and Mr Julie at Ketapang port where we took a ferry to Bali. Both of them expressed concern about our transit journey as it was our first time. They assisted to make arrangements for us (went the extra mile) - saw a public bus going to Denpasar at the port and checked if we could go along with them so that we didn't have to worry about our luggages (stored in bus).

In addition to their service and care, both Mr Bayu and HS contacted us to check if we have arrived at our Bali hotel safely.

IWT, Mr Bayu, Mr Julie and the local guides, many thanks for making this trip a great experience and a memorable one!

– Esther & Gabriel (Group of 2 on a 4D3N trip to Bromo & Ijen in Jun 2016)

It has been a fulfilling trip from the start to the end. Ying has been very meticulous from the beginning; paying great attention to our dietary requirement, rooming arrangement etc. Thanks Abdul, our guide, for the encouraging gestures to keep us going especially during the summit push. Fond memories for years to come!

– Celine (Group of 7 on a Mt Rinjani trip in June 2016)

This was our third trekking trip with IWT after Rinjani and Ophir. We continued to be impressed with their consistent personalized customer service and responsiveness. The pre-trip briefing package which consisted of a detailed packing list and things to take note of are especially useful for our climb preparation.Thanks Bob for keeping a constant check on us during the trip. We look forward to many more trips with you.

– HL Chua (Group of 5 on a 5D4N Semeru trip in May 2016)

Thanks to our guide Arief for making my life so much bearable during the 3d2n trek. It was a tough trek especially for someone like me who's not so fit but the scenery was really worth the sweat. Looking back it's a trip well planned and executed. Thanks for making this happen.

– Jiahui (Group of 5 on a Mt Rinjani trip in May 2016)

I really enjoy the whole travel experience. The driver is always contactable and prompt, and transport it’s quite comfortable. The mountain guide is friendly, and is knowledgeable and ensures that the last person is not left behind, and there are 2 guides provided to us for a group of 10 which I think is quite good. The accommodation at Melaka is quite clean and it’s within the tourist attraction; Jonker Street and there’s also some free and easy time to explore with driver provided.

– Xian Ying (Group of 10 on a 2D1N trip to Mt Ophir in May 2016)

I liked how fast HS was able to plan the itinerary for our group, making it flexible to suit our preferences and how he was very prompt to answer our questions and give suggestions on things that we can do. We only ask assistance for bookings on our Vietnam trip (Mt. Fansipan trek, Lao Cai- Hanoi train tickets and Halong Bay Day Cruise). However, upon knowing that we are also traveling to Laos, HS has gone an extra mile and help us map out our Laos itinerary too. Transport provided both for Fansipan trek and Halong Bay Day Cruise were awesome as they picked us up from our hostel right on time. Our Fansipan guide was very helpful and patient and ensured everyone's safety during the trek. While our Halong Bay Cruise guide was quite informative and very entertaining as she makes us laugh without even trying. Our group was very much satisfied with the food served to us both during the Fansipan trek and Halong Bay cruise. And of course, we definitely enjoyed all the activities we did: trekking up to the summit of Fansipan, riding a sleeper train from Lao Cai to Hanoi and kayaking in Halong Bay. Organization of our trip is superb knowing that we were IWT's first customers to book for their Fansipan trek and Halong Bay Cruise trip. *^_^*

– Michelle (Group of 3 on a 4D3N trip to Mt Fansipan & Halong Bay in Apr 2016)

HS helped us plan and book the complete tour. He was not pushy and very accommodating. We finalised something we wanted and did not have to adjust or compromise on anything. We started by IWT itinerary but was tailor made as per our requirement by the end. The hotels where picked by us too. It was just perfect! After arriving to our destination everything was perfect, punctual and as planned. Hotels were good, the car was clean and good. Our guide Ms. Enggar was amazing, kind and accommodating. Our drivers were kind as well. They treated us like kings and queens. Overall it was just very relaxing and everything being organised for us was very helpful. We got all information by local guide too.

– Kedar (Group of 2 on a 5D4N trip to Bromo & Yogyakarta in Feb 2016)

The 4d3n trip to Ijen Crater and Mount Bromo was awesome! I enjoyed the morning hike to Ijen Crater, above all the clouds. Loved the starry night sky and the sunrise at Mount Bromo! The water rafting at Pekalen River is also a must try!

The local guide, Bayu spoke good English and was very accommodating to our requests (i.e. pit-stopping for mini marts and toilets). Due to poor traffic conditions, we almost missed our water rafting activity. Bayu went the extra mile to ensure that we get to enjoy the rafting adventure.

Kudos also to HS, who was very responsive during the planning stage. He answered all our queries and provided his honest opinion. During the trip, he remained in contact with the local guide. When jetstar cancelled our return flight, HS ensured that the local guide and driver remained with us till we managed to get a later flight.

So thank you, IWT! Will definitely consider your other destinations!

– Gretchen (Group of 8 on a 4D3N trip to Ijen & Bromo in Aug 2015)

The coordinators (Bob and HS) were very accomodating and patient in answering all my queries. They were also quick to provide our group with options for budget-friendly trips. HS also made sure that our group’s transport is comfortable by providing us with a friendly driver – Mr. Kumar. HS also provided us with a guide – Mr. Nan , who has ensured our group’s safety throughout the whole trek. Last but definitely not the least, our group loved the dinner at the Firefly Leisure Park. My friends and I had so much fun over the weekend. Overall, the organisation is excellent! *^_^*

-Michelle (Group of 5 on a Mt Panti Day Trip in Nov 2015)

Our driver was very accommodating. He never made us feel like we were imposing and always asked us what we preferred. As with our previous trip, I really did enjoy IWT’s responsiveness. The speed with which Ying managed to book everything was great.

– Rachel (Group of 4 on a 2D1N trip to Mt Panti & JB in Nov 2015)

A well-organised and overall pleasant trip. Everyone enjoyed themselves and we returned home in high spirits. On behalf of Yale-NUS GOYAC. thank you!

– Yale-NUS Good Ol’ Yale-NUS Adventure Club (Group of 22 on a day trip to Mt Panti & Kota Tinggi in Oct 2015)

Thanks Bob for organizing and leading this memorable getaway for me and my cousin. Bob’s attention to details was exemplary. He kept us constantly updated on the daily activities, meal times, coach timing and helped us get a good pair of kampung adidas for the caving which spared our shoes from getting drenched. Yeah, thanks for “saving” my “dao sa piah” from being ended up in the dustbin:) 

– Willie Peck (Group of 2 on a Gopeng 3D2N Trip in Oct 2015)

We had a great trip and received very good services from the mountain guide and his helpers. We greatly appreciate the  thoughtfulness with which iwannatravel planned the itinerary especially when we need to make last minute change to reduce the group size. Our trip is all well planned and executed. We greatly enjoyed ourselves throughout the trip.

– Susana Chua (Group of 3 on a 5D4N Semeru trip in Sept 2015)

Despite the heavy rain, slippery and gruelling hike, it was a fantastic trip made possible by the guide Aiyee. Bob was very accommodating too. We managed Stong only but surely will come back for Ayam.

– Piruz (Group of 2 on 4D3N Mount Stong Trip in Aug 2015)

Loved everything about the trip! It was very well organized by IWT! Especially to HS! He was very informative in providing us with instructions and tips before the trip.Transport was on time and the driver was flexible in his timing. He was nice to recommend a couple of food places for us to have our breakfast and lunch. He even agreed to take us to our favorite massage place after the hike. The overall hike was great! Definitely an experience not to be missed. The guide was very experienced too although he was only 21. He would constantly check on us when we slept in tents through the night. He watched out for our safety too.

– Claire (Group of 6 on a 2D1N trip to Mt Ophir in Aug 2015)

Kudos to IWT for making our Semeru trip a success; everything from driver, guide to accommodation were well planned and organised! The Semeru FAQ and packing list provided by Bob were especially useful in helping us to prepare for this trip. Bob was always very prompt and patient towards our enqueries and requests for itinerary amendment. We look forward to our next trip with IWT! 

– Jeremy (Group of 6 on a 5D4N Semeru trip in Aug 2015))

We are very happy with the overall arrangement of everything from the choice of trekking company, the transportation and the accommodations. We were very well taken care of on the trek. The foods on our camping trip was really great. Beyond our expectation actually. =) Thanks you Bob for the patience to answer to all our queries and giving us advises that helps us greatly to planned out our extension stay after the climb. Will definitely join their other climbs or engage them to plan another trip again. =)

– Yen Wei (Group of 9 on a Mt Rinjani & Gili Trip in Aug 2015)

Our local guide, Mr. Bayu was great! He took good care of us and our needs, made sure the pace was alright for the group when hiking. When we needed extra rest stops (such as to mini-mart), he gladly obliged. I find him an honest guide in many aspect.

The view of the Ijen crater was great, but the view of Mt. Bromo crater from King Kong Hill was stunning! Even better than the sunrise view on Mt. Bromo. We were lucky to catch double rainbow at the waterfall!

The mini-bus that took us everywhere was clean and comfortable. Given that we spent long hours on the road, this is exceptionally welcoming.

- Cheryl (Group of 6 on a 4D3N trip to Ijen & Bromo in May 2015)

The local guide, Bayu, was the best I have ever had in my travels. He was accommodating, thoughtful, and went the extra mile to meet our needs. He took care of us exceedingly well. He bought us snacks upon our arrival at the airport (our flight was delayed 2 hrs and we all went without lunch, so this simple gesture meant a lot to us) and ensured we stayed hydrated throughout the trip. He chatted with us on the hikes, and ran to us when we needed help. Yes he ran! One of us slipped and fell on a slope and he ran to help. No injuries thankfully. He was always on a look out for us. He also gave very clear feedback of what was coming up next, how long the ride would be and what to expect. We felt very safe with him.

All in all, it was an awesome trip. Well organised! Excellent local guide. Would recommend to my friends!

- Jaclyn (Group of 6 on a 4D3N trip to Ijen & Bromo in May 2015)

My friends and I felt that the entire trip was well put together from the arrangement to climb Mt Ophir to the extension of our stay in Melaka. The iwannatravel service was prompt and always on the ball. This was one of my best trips to Malaysia. 

– Ian (Group of 3 on a 5D4N trip to Mount Ophir & Melaka in Apr 2015)

We had a brilliant day climbing Mount Belumut after what we thought may be a show stopper – heavy rain in the morning which luckily cleared for perfect climbing conditions. The climb was a great challenge, and we have taken back memories of our wonderful guide, the twists and bends, the summit view, beautiful forests and wildlife. Thank you to Bob and his Team at Iwannatravel for arranging our trip and providing an unforgettable experience.

– Rekha and Christian (Group of 2 on a Belumut Day Trip in Feb 2015)

Transport- Thanks to Mu, he is very thoughtful, always helping us with bags and once we got off from delayed overnight train we will extremely tired. Mu got moving fast and we're on the roads, in the midst my bro was asking me if the car seats can be inclined so that he can take a nap (in Mandarin) and Mu seems to sense it shortly and park the car at road side hurried to help us rearrange our bags and have our seats inclined:)

Accommodation- I love Artotel:) I am sure to go back to this nice little hotel if I go back. I should have let you decided on Day 1 stay too haha

Activities- Everything is good. We love Ijen, perfect. Mt Bromo is a little crowded, maybe because it is a tourist spot.

- Ziyan (Group of 2 on a 6D5N trip to Yogyakarta, Ijen & Bromo in Nov 2014)

We thoroughly enjoyed the trip. The most memorable part would be that all the service providers had a very personal touch.

– Charmaine (Group of 7 on a Belumut & Kluang 3D2N Trip in Aug 2014)

The transport was appropriate for our group & it was comfortable. The driver also helped us get to places safely & efficiently. Azam & Fairus were very jolly (mountain guides) who made our hike an enjoyable one. Azam was very encouraging and helpful too. It was also good that guidelines, packing list & other necessary information were clearly put across.

– Rachel (Group of 13 on a 2D1N trip to Mt Ophir in Aug 2014)

Overall arrangement is good. The hiking guide take good care of us. Is nice to know that HS call the guide make sure everything is ok. Well done! Thank you!

– Eng Hwee (Group of 12 on a day trip to Mt Panti & Kota Tinggi in Aug 2014)

We had an awesome time on Mt Ophir thanks to HS! He checked in on us a few times to make sure we were safe and even managed to get us some sparklers to play with. The independence of traveling without a (tour) guide was also a plus point!

– Sharlene (Group of 16 on a 2D1N trip to Mt Ophir in July 2014)

A very unforgettable trip! Everyone pushed themselves to the limit and even though it was tough. With many encouragement from the organizers, everyone managed to reach the summit and finish the hike.

– Wai Keong (Group of 15 on a Belumut Day Trip in June 2014)

Climbing the mountain (Mt Panti) is great for us. Thanks very much HS in patiently arranging the trip for us, making it possible for us to enjoy climbing. Appreciate your good work! And hope to enjoy climbing more with your agency.

– Soh Beng (Group of 2 on a 2D1N trip to Mt Panti in Apr 2014)