Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is the most important travel accessory you will need when planning for an overseas trip. Exposure to events such as flight delay, flight misconnection, lost luggage, stolen luggage or overseas hospitalisation can occur when you least expect them to. Don’t allow travel mishaps to ruin your carefully planned holiday.

At IWT, we like a few travel insurance providers based on their offerings.

1) Chubb Travel Pro

  • Offers basic plan suitable from nearby MBB (Malaysia, Bintan, Batam) trips from SGD 9 to further international trips from SGD 29.50.
  • Covers trekking up to 3,000m
  • To be eligible, travellers must be ordinarily resident in Singapore, departing from Singapore and provide a Singapore residential address.
  • Read the brochure and policy wording for details.
  • COVID-19 Exclusion added from 17 Mar 2020:
    This Policy does not cover and We will not (under any sections) pay for claims
    of any kind directly or indirectly arising from, relating to or in any way
    connected with the Coronavirus Disease 19 (COVID-19) (or any mutation or
    variation thereof) and/or its outbreak.
  • Purchase Chubb Travel Pro online here and get 15% off listed rates.

2) WorldNomads

  • Available to travelers from around the world from 140 countries (need not be resident in Singapore), and you can buy even after you have left home.
  • Covers trekking up to 6,000m (except if the trek requires use of use rope or special climbing gear)
  • When you buy from travel insurance from World Nomads, you also give a little back and support a community development project.
  • Purchase WorldNomads online here.

You can also purchase travel insurance from your preferred travel insurance providers.

Please take note that the content on this page is provided as general information only and does not constitute advice.  Information displayed on this page or voiced does not take into account the personal circumstances or objectives of any individual, and must not be relied upon. Always carefully read the latest product brochure and policy wording for full details of applicable benefits, terms & conditions and exclusions that are associated with the policy. Before applying for a policy, travellers should satisfy themselves with the suitability of any product, and obtain professional advice if required directly from the insurer.