FAQ For Sungai Lembing

1, When is the best time to visit Sungai Lembing?
The best time to visit Sungai Lembing is during the non-monsoon season from March to October. The incidence of rain is much higher during the monsoon season from November to February. Some resorts and homestays may close down from mid December to mid January due to the monsoon and possible flooding in Sungai Lembing.

2. What are the places of interest within and around Sungai Lembing?

Within Sungai Lembing:

Sungai Lembing town –a small quaint town with nostalgic pre-war buildings and streets where time seems to have stopped in the decade of the sixties

  • 400m high Panorama Hill – one of the best places to watch sunrise in Malaysia
  • Sungai Lembing Museum – showcase the history of Sungai Lembing town during its glory days in the colonial era
  • Hanging bridges – wooden suspension bridges which connect residential areas on the other side of the river to the main town
  • Noodles factory – one and only factory that still produces the famous Sungai Lembing noodles

Around Sungai Lembing

  • Gua Charas – a limestone cave complex with interesting geological structures of stalagmites and stalactites and a large reclining Buddha statue. The other side of the cave leads to an opening which provides a great view of the surrounding countryside
  • Cherating Turtle Sanctuary – get up close with hundreds of cute baby turtles and learn about their breeding lifecycle
  • Teluk Cempedak Beach – chill out at Teluk Cempedak overlooking South China Sea – one of the most beautiful beach along Malaysia west coast

Entrance fees to most places of interest in Sungai Lembing range between 5-10 MYR. There is no entrance fee for Cherating Turtle Sanctuary but you are welcome to give donation of any amount.

3. What are the food recommendations within and around Sungai Lembing?

Within Sungai Lembing:

  • Yong Tau Foo (@Sungai Lembing hawker center)
  • Shan Shui Toufu (@Sungai Lembing hawker center)
  • Tomato noodle (@Sungai Lembing hawker center)
  • Curry noodle (@Sungai Lembing hawker center)
  • Duck egg noodle (stalk opposite hawker center)
  • Roast Pork (in Sungai Lembing town; open only on Sat evening)
  • Hoover restaurant (Chinese zhi char style restaurant; in Sungai Lembing town; open only at night)

Around Sungai Lembing:

  • Alor Akar Restaurant (Chinese zhi char style restaurant; Lot 7695 & 7696, Jalan Kubang Buaya, off Jalan Beserah; Tel: 09-568 0720)
  • Hoi Yin Curry Laksa (No. 31, Jalan Teluk Cempedak 25050 Kuantan; Tel: 09-567 3871)
  • Ana Ikan Bakar Petai (Pantai Selera, Tanjung Lumpur, Kuantan; Tel: 019-987 8155)
  • Cendol Air Putih (aka Kuantan Cendol) (B-260E, Jalan Air Putih 25300, Kuantan)

4. How is the meals arrangement like?
All meals including breakfast are not included in the package. On the first day, you will have breakfast and lunch in Sungai Lembing town while dinner would probably be in Kuantan city. On the second day, you will also have breakfast and lunch in Sungai Lembing town while dinner would probably be in Kuantan city or at one of the pit stops along the way back to Singapore. A typical meal at the hawker center costs around 10 MYR while restaurant dining in Sungai Lembing/Kuantan costs around 30-40 MYR per pax.

5. How is the transport arrangement like?

For group size less than 10 pax:
There are daily sit-in coaches that run between Singapore and Kuantan (~7-8 hrs drive).  Upon arrival at Kuantan by sit-in coach, you will be picked up by our friendly driver in a private mini-bus to Sungai Lembing (~30 min drive). The mini-bus will be your sole transportation tool within Sungai Lembing and Kuantan. On the last day of the tour, the mini-bus will transfer you to Kuantan for your sit-in coach back to Singapore. The pick-up and final drop-off points for sit-in coach are at The Plaza along beach road in Singapore.

For group size of 10 pax or more:
With a bigger group size, there is economies of scale to hire a chartered coach for the whole trip including the journey between Singapore and Kuantan. The pick-up and final drop off points will be at Marsiling MRT Station.

6. Will there be any toilet break during the overnight coach journey from Singapore to Kuantan/Sungai Lembing?
There will be 1-2 toilet breaks along the way to Kuantan/Sungai Lembing. Please voice out to the driver at any time if you need a toilet break.

7. What are the things I should take note of for the overnight coach journey from Singapore to Kuantan/Sungai Lembing?

  • It will be cold inside the coach at night; do wear a comfortable long pants and prepare a jacket/sweater for the overnight coach journey.
  • A travel pillow will be great to prevent stiff neck for the overnight coach journey.
  • Please have your dinner before boarding the coach for there will not be any dinner break along the way.

8. What are the things I should take note of for the Panorama Hill hike?

  • Upon arrival at Sungai Lembing, the driver will drop you off at the hawker center first for breakfast. After breakfast, you will go for the Panorama Hill sunrise hike. In order to catch the sunrise, you will only proceed to the hotel after your hike.
  • The trailhead is just a 5 min walk from the hawker center. It is a 45 min to an hour uphill climb from the trailhead to the summit. Initial part of the climb is via concrete staircase with railing thereafter the climb is via steps cut into the soil. Overall it is like climbing normal staircase. The climb is doable for elderly and people who are not accustomed to exercise.
  • Bring at least 1L of drinking water for the hike. There is no water source along the trail or at the summit.
  • Headlight or torchlight (with new batteries) will be required for this hike.
  • As it is a single route up and down the mountain, hikers who feel that they are unable to continue the hike may wish to head down.
  • Belongings can be left in the vehicle but please do not leave any valuables, we are not liable for any lost items.
  • After the hike, your driver will send you to the hotel for check-in (if rooms are vacant; otherwise your group would have to stick to the official check-in time of the hotel which is usually around 12pm – 2pm).

9. What are the things I should take note of for the Rainbow Waterfall hike?

  • The 4WD driver will pick you up from the resort around 5am to the hawker center for breakfast. After breakfast, you will be transferred to a river bank (~an hour drive), the trailhead to the Rainbow Waterfall is on the opposite bank of the river. It will be an adrenaline ride along bumpy dirt road through secondary forests. You will need to wade through the shallow river (below waist level deep) in order to get to the opposite bank. It will take you about 2 min to cross the river. The hike from the trailhead to the waterfall takes about 45 min. The trail is mostly flat except for some gently sloping section near the waterfall. The hike is doable even for people who are not accustomed to exercise.
  • There will be a trekking guide for the hike.
  • Refreshment (instant noodles, coffee, tea and milo) will be served at the waterfall
  • As it is a single route to and fro the waterfall, hikers who feel that they are unable to continue the hike may wish to head back. But we recommend doing so with a buddy.
  • There is a make-shift toilet along the trail.

10. What are the things I should take note of for hiking in general?

  •  You might want to bring along two bags for this trip:
    • A small backpack to carry essentials such as water, food, torch light, poncho and basic/personal medication for the hike.
    • A bigger luggage bag for all your other belongings which will be left in the hotel/vehicle while you hike.
  • Recommended trekking attires are hat, dry fit t-shirt, pants, long socks.
  • Wear covered shoes for the hike (no sandals please).
  • Bring along a poncho or raincoat (compulsory as it might rain during the hike).
  • Bring along some ziplock bags to waterproof your belongings such as passport, electronic gadgets like phone and camera.
  • Break in any new shoes prior to your hike and keep your toe nails short for the hike. Make sure that any shoes that you will be wearing have been worn recently and is still functional (to avoid a scenario of shoe soles falling off).
  • Take care of the mountains and do not litter, all rubbish such as food wrappings must be carried down the mountain and properly disposed.

11. How much tips is appropriate for the driver and guide?
Tips for driver and guide are highly encouraged especially for good services. A ballpark figure would be RM 50 to each of them for the whole group for the whole trip.

12. Is travel insurance provided in the package?
Travel insurance is not included in the package. You can purchase AIG Travel Guard Travel Insurance from: http://iwannatravel.com.sg/world-nomads-travel-insurance



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