2014/04/06 – Southern Islands Kayaking Trip [Completed]

Event: Southern Islands Kayaking Trip

Date: Sunday, 6th April 2014 (Full Day)

Description: Start off from Sentosa Island to the Southern Islands using either single or twin Gumotex kayaks. Many of us will be going to paddle there for the first time, so this could be exciting but also full of uncertainties. But please be assured that the route has been designed for beginners and intermediate paddlers alike. As long as you have a sense of adventure, do not worry about how far or how long we will paddle. It is not about your fitness but your desire for new experiences. We will all make it together.


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2014/03/29 – Kayaking at Macritchie [Completed]

Event: Kayaking at Macritchie

Date: Saturday, 29th March 2014 (9 – 11 AM) at Mushroom Cafe (located inside the reservoir park)

Description: Kayaking fun at the calm waters of Macritchie reservoir. Sit-on-top kayaks (one/two seater) are available for rental from The Paddle Lodge.  Certified one star kayakers can rent recreational kayak (one-seater). If you want to rent the recreational kayak, please produce your one-star cert for verification (a photo of the cert will suffice). Lockers and showers are available in the park. After the shower, we can go for a nice lunch at nearly Shunfu market.


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