Top 3 Points Of Interest at Gunung Lambak You Probably Don’t Know About

Many hikers might have been to Gunung Lambak (or Mount Lambak) due to its proximity to Singapore and its relatively easy summit trail which takes around 3-4 hours to complete. However, not many hikers know that Gunung Lambak offers quite a few side trails to different points of interest which can make the trek a lot more challenging.

Here are our top 3 points of interest at Gunung Lambak which most hikers probably do not know about.

1) The Second Summit

If you have seen Gunung Lambak from Kluang town, you would have noticed two obvious humps indicating the presence of a second summit. The trek to the second summit is rather straightforward, although it is an extra hour effort for the return journey. There is no view at the second summit as it is forested but if you are lucky, you might meet some local grandpas practising Tai Chi at the open space. You can even have a sit at the three long-standing plastic chairs there.


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Top 5 Highlights of Mount Rinjani Trek

Mount Rinjani Highlight #1: The amazing camping experience.

  • Waking up to the gorgeous views of the Rinjani summit and lake.
  • Sleeping above the clouds. (earning you some bragging rights)
  • Bonding with your friends under the warmth of a campfire. (Bonus: Listening to your guides/ porters sing their local folk songs)
  • Gazing into the vast, star-lit night sky, and spotting a shooting star or two (Remember to make your wish in time!)

Calling out to all city kids out there, this is one experience you won’t wanna miss!



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3 Tips to Overcome Mount Ophir’s Obstacles

Gunung Ledang, also known as Mount Ophir, is a great training ground for hikers. There are several possible routes up to the summit, suitable for the different genres of hikers. For the adventurous, there is even a route with obstacle course available. In this article, we will share with you on what “obstacles” you will encounter and tips on how to overcome them.


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Nicky’s Maiden Solo Trip to Medan, Mount Sibayak & Lake Toba

Ever thought of travelling solo but never mustered the courage?

One of our most adventurous customers, Nicky, did just that.  On her maiden solo trip to Medan, she mingled with the locals (Berastagi), hiked up a live volcano (Mt. Sibayak) and relaxed by the largest volcanic lake (Lake Toba) in the world.

Let’s check out some of her experience and snapshots over the 4D3N Mount Sibayak & Lake Toba trip.

Day 1: Nicky learns about the health benefits of bitternuts (betel nuts) while exploring the Berastagi local market.

The tour guide gladly explains the ‘benefits’ of bitternut. Most Berastagi women chew on this because of two things 1) It gives women a certain high similar to weed 2) It tightens the women’s *** which makes the men opt to stay at home due to obvious reasons. Interesting first day.


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