6-10 Aug 2015 – Mt Semeru 3D2N Trek [Completed]

Date: 6-10 Aug 2015

Group Size: 6 – 8 pax

Status: Completed

Mount Semeru, also referred to as Mahameru (“Great Mountain”), is the highest mountain in Java and one of the highest in Indonesia. It lies in the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park, in the province of East Java. Semeru is one of Indonesia’s most active and challenging to climb volcanoes. Every 20 minutes or so, the volcano spews out a huge cloud of smoke, sometimes interspersed with ash and stones. The scenery along the way is mesmerizing (the fuming volcano, the edelweiss fields, the turquoise blue water lake), and the views from the top are spectacular.


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23-24 May 2015 – 2D1N Mount Arong Trip [Completed]

Date: 23 – 24 May 2015

Meeting Point: 630am at Lavender MRT Station Exit A

Group Size: 10-15

Status: Completed

Regardless of whether you are a mountain hiker or beachgoer, you will like Gunung Arong Recreational Forest – a nature reserve that combine mountain trail with green foliage, blue sea and white sandy beach. Mount Arong albeit only 300m high has one of the most beautiful summit view among all mountains in Peninsular Malaysia. It an easy 2 hours hike – a great introductory hike for beginners – up the summit where you will be rewarded with magnificent bird eye view of the South China Sea and its neighbouring islands. In good weather, Pulau Tioman can be seen from the summit as well. The trail to the summit starts inland beside a small stream and ends at the other side of the mountain on the beach facing the sea. Conclude your trek with a rejuvenating dip in the cooling sea waters.

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29 May to 1 June 2015 – Mt Gede & Pangrango 2D1N Trek [Completed]

Date: 29 May to 1 June 2015

Group Size: 8 – 12 pax

Status: Completed

Mount Gede-Pangrango National Park only 50km drive away from Jakarta is one of the oldest and best maintained and preserved national parks in Indonesia. The park is centred on two volcanoes; active Mount Gede (2,958m) and dormant Mount Pangrango (3,019m) whose summits are connected by a high saddle known as Kandang Badak. The national park is associated with some famous names in history. The famous naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace was so impressed by its beauty and uniqueness that he wrote, “by far the most interesting incident in my visit to Java was a trip to the summit of the Pangrango and Gede mountains”. The trail on the south-eastern slopes was found by Sir Thomas Raffles in 1811 while the earliest recorded summit climb was by C.G.C. Reinwardt in 1819. The trail passes through some interesting and beautiful landscapes like Alun-alun Suryakencana – a highland meadow covered with edelweiss flowers, a 50m high Cibeureum Waterfall, a blue colour Biru Lake, some hot springs etc. The views from the summit are especially stunning at sunrise and sunset. At day break, the 3 semi-active craters, Lanang (male) Ratu (queen) and Wadon (female) will slowly reveal before your eyes. Standing above the clouds, one can see Mt Krakatau and Sumatra afar and the towns of Cianjur, Sukabumi and Bogor below. The park is also rich in wildlife and birds such as the Java Gibbon which is endemic to Java, Javan langur, leopards, Pangolin, wild boars, hawk eagle, owl etc.


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2015/04/11 – Mount Belumut Day [Completed]

Date: 11th April 2015

Pricing: SGD 98 per pax

Meeting Point: 500am at Lavender MRT Station Exit A

Group Size: 15 – 20

Status: Completed

Mount Belumut (or Gunung Belumut) stands at 1,010 metres tall. Located at Kluang town in the Johor state, Malaysia, it is a few hours drive from Singapore and makes an excellent day trip.


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21 to 22 Mar 2015 – 2D1N Mt Ophir Camping & Sunrise Hiking Trip (Completed)

Date: 21st (Sat) to 22nd (Sun) Mar 2015 (2D1N)

Pricing: SGD 165 per pax

Meeting Point: 630am at Lavender MRT Station Exit A

Group Size: 10 – 15

Status: Completed

Mount Ophir, or Gunung Ledang, is a 1,276m tall mountain situated at northwest Johor in Malaysia. It’s one of the most popular mountains in the region and was said to be the most climbed mountain in the country.  On the first day of the trip, we will take a hike to the Twin falls at Kolam Gajah and camp at CP4 for the night.  We will finish the adventure on the second day with a sunrise hike to the summit.

Mt Ophir or Gunung Ledang

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7 Mar 2015 – Pelepah Falls & Firefly Cruise Day Trip [Completed]

Date: Saturday, 7 March 2015

Meeting Point: 630am at Lavender MRT Station Exit A

Group Size: 16

Status: Closed

Pelepah Falls, also known as Lumbong Falls, is made up of a series of waterfall cascades.  It is located at the outskirts of Kota Tinggi just 56km north of Johor Bahru. Offering a challenging yet relatively short river trek (~5 hours return), the trip is suitable for beginner to intermediate hikers.  We will end the day with a dinner and firefly cruise along Johor River.


Photo courtesy of Nan

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31 Jan 2015 – 2D1N Mount Lambak Night Adventure Climb + Zenxin Organic Farm Visit in Kluang [Completed]

Date: Saturday, 31st Jan – 1st Feb 2015

Meeting Point: 3pm at taxi stand outside Marsiling MRT

Mount Lambak (or Gunung Lambak) stands at 510 metres tall and requires about 4 hours of hiking from the mountain base to the summit and back, making it a suitable mountain for beginners.

Calling out to all the night owls, hikers who are planning to go for sunrise summit climbs in Mount Rinjani / Mount Kinabalu as well as all nature- lovers, this climb has been specially organized with you in mind. This is a great opportunity for you to experience climbing in the night, where you can train your eyes to get used to the minimal lighting available (relying solely on your trusty headlights and moonlight), and more importantly, grow confidence in hiking in the dark.

Located at Kluang town in the Johor state, Malaysia, it is about three hours drive from Singapore, we will first head for dinner and have an early rest at Merdeka Hotel or similar. The night climb will begin at 3am, where we will target to reach the summit at 6am, in time for the day break. Watch the forest come abuzz with life as you hike down, retracing your steps and appreciating the difference in the lighting. We will enjoy our breakfast at the famous Kluang Rail Coffeeshop, before heading back to the hotel for a shower and rest. The afternoon will be spent at the Zenxin Organic Farm before heading back to Singapore.


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2014/09/14 – Dragon Boat Orientation Program @ Marina Reservoir [Completed]

Event: Dragon Boat Orientation Program @ Marina Reservoir

Date: Sunday, 14th Sept 2014 (845 AM – 12 PM) at Kallang Water Venture Club

Description: Row with us in Marina Reservoir with its spectacular city skyline backdrop of Singapore Flyer, Esplanade, and Marina  Bay Sands.  The program will start off with a physical warm up and some dry land coaching (correct method of holding paddle, paddling techniques and commands etc) before on-board rowing. We will launch the dragon boat from Kallang Water Venture near the mouth of Kallang River and into Marina Reservoir and towards Marina Barrage (if time permits). The Dragon Boat Orientation Course is suitable for those who want a taste of team rowing, and to enjoy building comradeship with like-minded people.


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2014/09/28 – Pulau Ubin Mangrove River Kayaking [Completed]

EventPulau Ubin Mangrove River Kayaking

Date: Sunday, 28th Sept 2014 (930 AM – 5 PM) at Pasir Ris Water Venture Club

Distance: 14-16 km

Description: Join us for some kayaking fun to explore the natural sights along the mangrove river of Pulau Ubin. Birds such as kingfishers, hornbills, herons and egrets can be seen nesting in this area. If you are lucky, you may see some otters and even dolphins on the way back (yes – there are dolphin sightings around Singapore seas).

This expedition consists of 4 legs:

  1. Launch from Pasir Ris Water Venture and paddle towards Pulau Ubin
  2. Enter the mangrove river at the southern side of the island, paddle through it and then exit it from the northern side of the island
  3. Paddle around the eastern edge of the island (where Chek Jawa is located) to return back to the southern side of the island
  4. Paddle back to Pasir Ris Water Venture



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